Highly Recommended Help with obtaining Divorce papers.....Ramzi


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I think it's correct to say 2020 has been an extremely emotive year world wide due to Covid-19.
I would just like to share with you the one thing I am thankful for this year....My Divorce papers and the amazing man (Ramzi Dhaouadi) who obtained them for me very quickly.
Ramzi did his research & confirmed with me that I had been divorced by my ex in 2005, my ex told me we were divorced in 2009, he actually remarried in 2009.
I wanted a divorce from 2002, as I couldnt take any more of his behaviour and his nomadic type lifestyle.(staying with me for 9 months, leaving for a year then returning etc.plus other issues)
Each year I contacted my ex asking him to give me my divorce papers, every year he promised he would bring them back from Tunisia, but like all his other empty promises it never came to fruition.
I contacted Ramzi on Messenger, such a lovely guy, he confirmed the name of my in-laws (such lovely people) so I knew he had the right man I was married to.
Ramzi hired a solicitor for me to get the official documents and translated them too, everything had its official stamp on it. Ramzi kept in contact with me throughout, as I had paid him (a very reasonable price) at the start of this process. Ramzi let me know every step of the way what he was doing, and when the documents would arrive at my home address via courier. I now feel so much better knowing and having the proof I am divorced, it's like a weight has been lifted from my mind. I can change my name officially as I didnt have the required proof previously.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, dont live with the stress of the unknown, contact Ramzi straight away.
God bless you Ramzi Dhaouadi and thank you for bringing happiness to my 2020.


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Hi how do I contact ramzi please I also need to find out if my husband has divorced me


I would like to contact him too, to have my divorce papers


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Ramzi Dhaouadi I've sent him a message on Facebook he already confirmed my husband's details to me within minutes