Hind Sabri shows us how to be daring


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Often when we think of an actress being “daring” we think of her as “daring to bear it all,” or something along those lines.

But Tunisian actress Hind Sabri has a different view. She believes that being a daring actress doesn't mean acting intimate love scenes, but rather taking on roles that require great efforts and send out a real message to the world.

She added that daring also means introducing new topics and ideas that are yet to be tackled on the big screen.

Hind told controversial Egyptian director Enas Al Dughaidi, who is now hosting a new show titled "Huwa Wa Hiya wal Jaree'ah" (Him, Her and the Daring) on Rotana Egypt TV, that she isn't daring in her everyday life, opposite to what she's like in her professional life.

According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Hind said that despite her quiet nature, she did make bold decisions in her life, such as when she decided to sue the Tunisian Actors Union for refusing to register her as a member, ending up with her winning the lawsuit.

The actress stressed that she has never regretted any career decision that she's ever made, neither has she ever been in a film or TV show that she feels has disgraced her in any way.

The new mama noted that her supportive hubby respects her profession and has never stood in her way, in addition to having always had supported her with every career decision she ever made.

As for politics and what's going on in the region, Hind stressed that the Arab nation has been silent for too long and it was time that that silence was broken.

She believes that all what the Revolutionists in the Arab region did was to fight for their basic rights. She openly stated her support for them whether they're in Tunisia, Egypt or Syria.