hire car seat?


Hi I'm going to Tunisia Friday was wondering if there was somewhere in Sousse to hire a car seat for 1 half year old please


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Don't know about hiring but we took our own and Tunis air put it in the hold. They didn't weigh it or charge extra. We also took an umbrella fold buggy.


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Maybe you can but Tunisia is the country where in the supermarket you can by a device which plugs into your seat belt clasp so the car does not beep to tell you that you have no seat belt!!


I have seen babies on dashboards and families of 4 on a scooter


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Check your airline's baggage policy, most allow you to bring a carseat and don't count it toward your baggage allowance.

I have seen babies on dashboards and families of 4 on a scooter

LOL, I once saw a family of seven including mother, father, GRANDMOTHER, three small children, a newborn baby PLUS a chicken and a goat kid, riding on a motorbike. It wasn't in Tunisia though.


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I remember once reading of a large explosion in the centre of Tunis

Thankfully it was not a bomb..... It was two idiots in a van full of gas bottles having a fag!