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Program of the '' Tunisian thought forum '' in Ariana

The regional delegation of the culture and heritage preservation in Ariana (it is a coastal city in northeastern Tunisia) organizes for the third year a forum about ''Tunisian thought» in order to pay tribute to Tunisian eminent personalities belonging to different historical eras who had demonstrated their world of thought in culture and science.

the first event will be held on on January 28,2009 with a tribute to the writer Tijani Ben Salem (1896-1973) whose works have contributed to the modernization of Tunisian society.

On February18 , there will be a focus on the Carthaginian scientist “Magon†who had developed an encyclopedia containing agricultural knowledge.

the Great Berber Chief “Jugurtha†who tried to establish the sovereignty of indigenous North African countries will be the focus of a meeting on March 19,2009 .

On May 20 , the Carthaginian leader “Hannibal'' will be the center of the forum.

on June 17, it will be devoted to Tunisian theater which celebrates the centenary of its existence .

On September 2, the participants in this forum will focus on the personality and pathways of “El Moez El Fatimiâ€, the governor of Mahdia, who was subsequently the founder of the Cairo city in Egypt, in 970 AD.

The trade unionist and activist Nooman Mohamed (1875-1962) will be the center of the debate on September 16.

This series of meetings will end on December 16 by the commemoration of centenary of the birth of the Tunisian writer and lyricist Ali Douagi (1909 -- 1949).

All these meetings will be divided in the form of lectures presented by university professors in the Ariana library .