Hotel Royal Kenz.


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I have just come back from two wonderful weeks at Hotel Royal Kenz my third visit this year and although it isn't an Iberostar anymore it was still as good as ever, the entertainment was superb the animation team are so good in charge is Rafique then Tarik, Aimee Mimee and Imir they do an amazing River dance and Saturday Night Fever in the outside theatre around the pool. It did get rather hot landing at 10.30pm. it was 40c. but over the two weeks was in cool 90's, all in all a good holiday good staff hotel and entertainment.


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Is this in Kentaoui? if so then nice folks as I have spoken to the owners before I believe the owners are a Uk Tunisian couple.


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Is this in Kentaoui? if so then nice folks as I have spoken to the owners before I believe the owners are a Uk Tunisian couple.
The owner is Tunisian and yes it is in Port el Kantaoui he is called Fowsey and his English wife Heather, Heather also owns the hairdressers where they have a very good stylist called Hejiba although Tunisian did her training with 'Tony and Guy' in London. Also Heather has a carpet factory and there are daily free trips to visit it the carpets are beautiful but expensive.


hi shirley.. you seems to have a great vacation!


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Hi Shirley,

The hairsalon that is owned by Heather, is this the hairsalon in Kantaoui as you go into the fountain? would be great to know if there is anyone English here that can do my hair, ive only had it done once since living here and that was from the hairsalon in Kantaoui as you walk into the fountain and im now getting rather desperate for a new style - in England my bestfriend was my hairdresser and i was getting it done monthly, here ive gone nearly a year and its bad lol.
royal kenz

is there a kids' club in Royal Kenz?
i'm a student of english and every summer i work as entertainer of kids.
currently i'm working as kids' entertainer in Thalassa village skanes, we have some english kids in the club.


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can you say why you went there? I'm only asking to find out what things can be done in that area. Seems like a nice place.

oh and, do you have pictures?


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It would be great to see some pics of the surroundings? What were the amenities like?


Royal Kenz staff

Hi Guys,

Has anyone got any photos of the animation team at Royal Kenz, especially Rio? I had a great time with them in October, but haven't got any photos:(

I'm going back out to see them in January, can't wait!!


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I looked up the website for this hotel and it seems really nice. It mentioned something about a shopping bazzar? Did you happen to go to that? I am one of those people that love to shop while on vacation.


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I’ve stayed in the Royal Kenz, had a good time there, it’s really nice, the staff were professional, the food was good, only had breakfast. Didn’t see the animation team as spent most of the time going out, then met my husband to be :)! I would recommend this hotel.


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I have just come back from another weeks stay at the Royal Kenz (the weather was wonderful) everything was just as good as ever.......except the hotel is under refurbishment and has been since November, the noise from the building work was LOUD but does stop at 17.30 and starts again at 9am. if you dont spend time in your room during the day it wont be a problem. Sad to see the animation team has gone as Tarek and friends were the best ever hopefully the entertainment will be better when I return in June or will have to find some place else to go in the evenings. best wishes Shirleyx


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Hi Shirley

Royal Kenz was my first holiday to tunisia reading ya post brought bac loads of memories had a fab time that was quite a few years ago though now.

regards sb123


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was it the same animation as usual


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some times if you go to the same hotel it feels a bit repetative as they dont change there shows very often and they have the same entertainment as previous years x


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Believe it or not they are still doing same sketch shows since 1995 in some hotels!!!! The first hotel I stayed in was in Hammamet called El Fel I renamed it EL HELL, wasnt very good at all but did meet ex hubby there, wouldnt have my gorgeous son without his contributions!!!!!!! (if you know what I mean LOL)


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ha ha i think i understood that one :)


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Royal Kenz...


Am new to the forum & just wanted to see if anyone on here visits the kenz regulary or has a boyfriend that works in the hotel??

be nice to chat with people a sthat is where i stay every year for the last 7 years..


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i was working as a rep in this hotel so i know lots of the staff


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#20 long ago was that?
do u remember petra by any cahnce who was with thomson's?