How can my partner stay in the uk


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My partner has been living in the uk for nearly 3 years now. He entered here illegally after working in an EU country first and has been working here ever since in a good paid job. We have been dating for the past year and want to settle and for him to remain in the uk. Does anyone know how we can apply for a visa from the uk? He has not been back to Tunisia for over 5 years now so ideally want to sort this whilst he remains in the uk
He should return to Tunisia and apply for a visa to travel legally to the UK. His employer could face a fine up to £20,000 for failing to check his documents/visa status. If his employer is aware that he is an illegal immigrant the fine is unlimited and up to 5 years in jail. If he needs to claim asylum he should declare this to the relevant authorities.


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This is now a solicitors job as he is breaking the law.

For many once they see a solicitor they decide to keep their heads down in the hope of either an amnesty later down the line or to save enough money that when they are kicked out they have a next egg.

Be careful not to have children or make any commitments because you think that will help ... it may not.

So again time to see a professional.