I want to learn Tunisian/Arabic!


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Hi there,

I do believe that the tunisian people is well cultivated ... the mother tangue in Tunisia is Arabic ( in fact it's more like a dialect for tunisian people ... amix of Arabic with a lot of other languages especially : French, Italian, English, Turkich, German ....) besides Arabic alsmot everybody speaks French as it's the second language in Tunisia ... as a thrid language ... it depends on the person ... some they speak english .. other italian and other german ... but i do believe that a "stranger" in tunisia won't have any communications issues ... there has to be always a language that they can use to communicate good :)

The Arabic language in Tunisia ( i would rather called the Tunisian Language ) is a combination of a lot of languages with Arabic as basement ... between in the Arabic you may hear a lot of french words, english words, italian, and german ... i think all this is due to the History of Tunisia ... As Tunisia was and still always an open contry and a land of meeting and civilisations ... a quick recap to the History of tunisia to see how many civilisations were in Tunisia :

*Prehistory : We generaly talk about BERBERE as autochthon, however there was 2 famous civilisations in Tunisia in the Prehistory : 1- Civilisation Iberomaurusian 2- Civilisation Captian ( it was in Capsa = now it's Gafsa).

*Old Period :
-The Pheniciens came to Tunisia from Tyr ( Sour) in Lebanon first they founded Utica (arround the 11Centry B.J.C) and then they founded Carthage ( arround 814 B.J.C).
=> The Empire of carthage Started.

- The Roman took Carthage after the 3rd Punic war arround 146 B.J.C => the Roman period started in Tunisia.

* The Medieval Period:
-The Wandal came after the destruction of Rome arround 467 A.J.C) => the Vandalsperiod started.

-The Byzantin : arround the 6th Centry A.J.C they came from Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey) and they took Tunisia as a province.=> Byzantin period started then too

-The Islam came from the Arabic peninsula and they convert the population to the Islam and they kicked the Byzantain out of the country => The Islamic period started and the arabisation of north Africa in general.

-The Ottoman took Constantinople from now on it's Istanbul ( from the Latin : Islam Police = City of Islam)
and they could get also Tunisia as a province after the expedition of :Sinen Bacha.

*The Moderne Period:
- Tunisia was under the Ottoman Empire.

- Tunisia for a period was under the Italian "imperialism" there was a lot of italian people runing business in Tunisia and even they owned lands etccc

* Contemporary Period:

- End of the 19 Centry ( 19881 ) Tunisia was colonized by France under the name of Protection.

- In 1956 Tunisia got its independance ... and started building the moderen tunisia

- In 7 November 1987 a huge changes happened in Tunisia with the new president Ben Ali who gave a new start for the country in its way to the modernity.

So Basically we had in Tunisia something like 10 Civilisations in our History ... from each one we still have till now something ... there's a lot of names forexempletill now in Tunisia they are originally from Turkey forexemple like "BouChenq" the famous singer ( it's a name from Bosnia and Herzegovina) it came to Tunisia via they Ottoman etc etc ...

We even still use words they came from the period of Carthage for exemple : we have in Tunisia 2 kind of trees:
*Trees they live from water that man gives it to them. ( we call them "Sakoui" in Arabic )
*Trees they can survive from the rain we call the "Balli"...
the word BALLI it comes from the name of theGod of Rain, Fecund and Fertile in Carthage : Baal Hammon.
=> most of the tunisian people they call those trees BALLI but they don't know that in the Past in the period of Carthage they thought that BAAL HAMMON is taking care of those trees by the rain he gave .... that's why we gave them his name .....

There's few studies done b

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RE: Tunisian Language(S) :)

if i wanted to learn to speak (tunisian arabic) how would i go about it, do i just learn arabic or can i learn actual (tunisian arabic) . thanks


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RE: Tunisian Language(S) :)

I feel it is always best to learn standard arabic that was people all over middle east will understand you.

I will review some books in the future as i am learning Arabic myself at the moment.

I am always getting told off that i speak tunisian (in my few words) when I see people from other arabic countries.

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RE: Tunisian Language(S) :)

yes, I think i'll try and learn basic arabic and then I guess it's just learning the different Tunisian parts and how it works with normal arabic. But i think the easiest way for me to learn will be to try and talk as much of it when I am there.

Does anyone use Skype, I think i may start practicing my arabic by using it.


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RE: Tunisian Language(S) :)

it's good to learn new languages, but i always think that the best way to learn a language is to live in the place where that language is in use ... for example in less that 9 months i learned the Dutch Language in Holland, i can speak it, write it , read it, and understand it good :)
But then i was in Holland for 9 months, i have to shop, and to deal with dutch people everyday and to watch dutch TV etccc :)



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RE: Tunisian Language(S) :)

Modern Standard Arabic(MSA) is the "formal" form of Arabic used in books, magazines, and newspapers and in news broadcasts and formal speech. Colloquial Arabic is the "informal" form of Arabic used in daily conversation
Colloquial Arabic is the spoken Arabic used by Arabs in their every day lives. Unlike modern standard Arabic that is uniform in all Arab countries, colloquial Arabic is subject to regional variation, not only between different countries, but also within regions in the same country.






Gateway to Arabic is a well-structured, progressive course that has been carefully designed to teach Arabic in a non-Arabic-speaking environment to learners from a broad age range. The series has become well established in Britain and America and is used by a great many Muslim schools and madrasahs, as well as being stocked by the majority of Islamic bookshops in Britain. It is also well suited to individuals wishing to engage in self-study of the language.

This is a new curriculum series and has had remarkable success in its first year of usage. A well-structured progressive course designed to teach Arabic to students in a non-Arabic speaking environment. It contains a wealth of exercises to reinforce vocabulary and the understanding and application of grammar. Extensive research and piloting ensures that materials are easy to learn from and to teach. Books are designed to cater to the Muslim child learning Arabic in English speaking countries.

The series is intended to take the student from having no knowledge of Arabic, all the way up to GCSE level (the U.K General Certificate in Secondary Education) and beyond.

There is a book shop in London that sell Arabic Books/Tapes:



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RE: Tunisian Language(S) :)

Excellent resouce

Ayishuk :D


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Hello All, I'm new to the site being a recent convert to Tunisia and all things Tunisian - does anyone know if there are Arabic language courses held in the summer in Tunisia? I have heard of one run by a University in Tunis that is 6 weeks long, I would prefer Sousse or Monastir as I have friends there and it will be easier to sort out accomodation. Any tips gratefully received!


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Hi Ya,

There are courses held in the summer at a school called NetLangues in Hammam Sousse that also teach the Tunisian dialect. Their website is - http://www.net-langues.com/


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Thanks Kellyc, that sounds promising - roll on summer 2008!


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Hi guys,

i was wondering if theres are any summer schools nearer to our house which is in Nabeul and i was also wondering what the cost is out of curiousity as i know that the cost in Tunisia wont break the bank........


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I bought am learn to speak arabic cd off ebay and yes it is the traditional arabic (more egyptian than tunisian lol) I found it very easy to learn and then as I spoke it to him he changed the words I said into the tunisian version and a lot of the time they are very similar or just adapted slightly so I recommend learning arabic as they understood me speaking old old arabic (as they call it in tunisia) and thought it was hilarious me saying I live in Cairo and I am egyptian!! lol Look on e bay, loads of good resourses on there


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will have a look later
could do with learning arabic:p
I can help you

will have a look later
could do with learning arabic:p
Hi ginabeena i have a learn arabic book and cd, brand new if you are interested i think i payed £29 for it you can have it for £10


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arabic book

Hi ginabeena i have a learn arabic book and cd, brand new if you are interested i think i payed £29 for it you can have it for £10
thank you for the offer, but my husband said why i need book when i have my own private tutor in home.
He is always trying to teach me, guess i am just lazy.
thanks again


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Hi All

just to let you all know i have been talking to ares55 on chat and he is an arabic teacher in tunis.So if anyone is in tunisia near tunis and want arabic classes his web site is www.takalanea.com.His written english is very good unlike my poor arabic lol.

regards sb123


hiya sb123 yeah i had a chat with him on friday. was very friendly, and chatty, also noticed he was'nt on the members list... and still is'nt! wonder why!


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Thanks sb would really love my son to learn so that he can communicate with my EX family.


hiya sb123 have you got this


I am looking for English native speakers who are interested in English-Arabic or English-French tandems. I am tunisian, I had lived 3 years in France and 1 year in North America (Ontario & Florida). I wanna improve my english and teach Arabic and/or French.