January 23, 1846, Tunisia, the first Arab country to abolish slavery!


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Today, 23rd January, Tunisia celebrates 167th anniversary of the Bey act abolishing slavery in Tunisia. This act is a precursor to the account of the political intelligence and the modernism of the Tunisian elite to be at the origin of the first constitution in an Arab country in 1864 (Ahd El Amen)!

It should be noted in this connection that slavery was abolished in Morocco in 1922, Iraq in 1924, Qatar in 1952, Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 1962, the UAE in 1963 and Oman in 1970!



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The terms have not changes but the way in which they operate I think they still have slavery. These guys work for less than min wage and in some cases they don't get paid at all. The govt needs to do something about the terrible attitude this place has to the work force here. This is such a great day to celebrate as once again Tunisia leads the way, but now they need to get a labour board that can get rid if this corruption.

Jane BM

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As you say MM, until the Government intervene and draft up LAWS against this kind of 'slave labour' then it's going to continue. I'd predict a bit of a double edged sword though, with the state of their economy right now, would it mean that there would be mass job losses because employers can't 'afford' to pay everyone a decent wage....