Local Sim Card for Mobile phone


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I am travelling to Tunisia for a week's holiday at the end of February and looking for some information on purchasing a local sim card to put in my phone. Although this is a holiday, I will still be required to do a small bit of work via the internet on my phone and obviously dont want huge roaming charges. I have an unlocked Iphone 6 so any sim card should work and I am looking for a decent deal for internet usage just for the 7 days I am in Tunisia.

Where can I get one? How much do they cost? What deals are available?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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yes i always get one it was tunisiana but its ooredoo now there is a red and white kiosk near the small zoo near marina in kantaoui or will be branches wherever you will be staying. i find the very cheap to call and text home, hope you enjoy your stay. you can start with 10 dinar then top up with 5 dinar or what you want.10 dinar around £4


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With an ooredoo sim you can get a deal of 10tnd for 3g but it is limited, usually last me 2 weeks with countless peppa pig videos on YouTube lol


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Orange does a 10TD for 2GB, or 30TD (£10) for 10GB, the good thing though between 11pm and 8am there is no limit, it is free. Depends how much data you may need and what time of day.