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Hey there.. iv booked up for a week in december in sousse.. I will be travelling alone and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for nice places to visit and things to see.. this is my 4th visit but my first alone. . My husband died 2 yrs ago and we loved travelling so im keeping up our passion.. is there any does or donts as a single female.. im 46 and dont want to offend..

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There is definitely loads to do and see - like trips down the Sahara, if you love travelling, you wont be disappointed. There are many other day trips to other towns and historic areas. The hotel reception will have information on it. There are more touristy things like camel riding, boat trips etc. They can be fun but not amazing. If you are on your own, just mind out as you will probably gain attention from many males in coffee shops, markets etc. The main thing that will happen is that they will try to as you out so be really blunt! If you find a nice cafe etc in your area that you can relax in, uninterrupted then stick to there and you will feel at ease. I have never been to Sousse but another member will be able to recommend the best places. I love the country despite any of that so it cant be that bad!!! You will be fine on the trips, and the guys aren't bad .... just opportunists when they see a single female x


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You'll be absolutely fine Gillian. I've been going to Sousse on my own for almost 15 years and never had any problems. The Sahara trip is good but is a minimum of 2 days and might take too much out of a week's holiday. The men will certainly try to start a conversation but aren't in the least threatening and you don't need to be rudely blunt to discourage them, simply smile and keep on walking. 'Aslemma' means 'hello' so I invariably just respond to casual greetings with that before continuing on my way.

You obviously know about people who tell you they are waiters or similar from your hotel. In 99.9% of cases they aren't but want to take you to the shop of their friend or relative for the hard sell. If you're All Inclusive, turning your wrist-band inside-out can be useful here, or simply say that's not likely as you're staying in an apartment.

Whilst in the Medina have a look at Musee Dar Essid, an old merchants' house which is now a museum. Entry about 4 dinars and well worth a visit. On the other hand I wouldn't bother with the catacombs.

The pirate boat trips can be good but always buy from the lads down at the port in Sousse rather than from your hotel and remember to 'negotiate' the price.

Although Tunisian ladies usually sit in the back of taxis I prefer to sit beside the driver, as not only does it seem more friendly but I can also keep an eye on the meter. Speaking of which, remember to negotiate the price first or ask for the meter to be put on.
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Thank you for your info.. I will definetly visit the medina on this visit. I didnt manage in sept as I was there with the grandchildren so this visit will be more of a tourist thing for me... im looking forward to just wandering around taking in the sites.. I love the place.. its beautiful. Best asking folk that has more experience than myself about the culture mind you.. is it cold in december. What type of clothing is best to take..

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It can be......I've been there in December and it's been warm and sunny, I've also been and it's been cold and wet....not much help I know, so id pack for all eventualities and obviously keep a weather check the days leading up to you going.


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I went to Musee Dar Essid last week the view's from the tower are amazing, worth a visit

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Im sure you will have a great time Gillian its a beautiful country with some lovely people..... just be very aware of some of the young men especially one's who work in tourism they see a woman alone and try their luck,which hotel are you staying at ? i have a couple of female friends living in Tunisia if you would like to pm me i can put you in contact with them for more info