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Help! I have sent ma y packages to Tunisia which normally take 3 week from the US. This ti.e I sent a cel phone and accessories (camera lens charging cables and case). I sent via registered mail for extra protection. It has now been 5 weeks. My tracking stopped when it left France to Tunisia. The local post office told my friend he has to wait it can take up to 8 week. In the meantime I sent another package with clothes and he got it in 2.5 weeks! Is it because the phone was sent registered mail? I put a claim in with my post office but they say it can take months to investigate. Is it lost or stolen? Does anyone know who i can contact in Tunisia to look for this box.


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Hi there,

If it is not delivered your best bet is the company that sent it to pay out via their insurance.

Anything you do in Tunisia will be a waste of time unless you know where it is.


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Thanks but according to the tracking it has been sitting at the big mail processing place at the airport for the past month. They keep updating the date but no one will tell us anything