Marriage Documents advice


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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can help me. Im from the uk and am getting married to my Tunisian partner in hammamet in April, im pretty confident in what papers i need, but i have a few questions i keep getting different answers for.

My CONI does it need to be obtained a certain time before the wedding like the birth certificate?

Does my partner need a CONI?
Do i need to translate hes birth certificate to english and bring it to uk? (A lawyer told him this)
Does he's documents need to ne obtained from the city he was born in? He lives 3 hours from where he works.

Ive also read that we need to submit our documents a minimum of 15 days before the wedding?

Its all very confusing and stressful! Any help would be much appreciated!

Merry Christmas!


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First port of call is to speak with the registrar where you are to be married.

I had all the right information when i got married and then the registrar started to make requests for the information how he liked it.

Ask him/her first and then come here. For example my Tunisian registrar wanted my CONI from Norwich UK direct and under 14 days old.

That was not the legislation but .... I did it anyway