Marriage Visa


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I'm having a hard time with all these procedures to get a marriage visa, namely the IHS surcharge which seems to be impossible to pay from here due to some stupid laws that deny any tunisians (at least for the common folks). is there any alternative way to pay the damn surcharge?
This and the whole Visa procedures are a true pain in the butt and I haven't really gotten to the serious parts yet. It appears though that the application payment can be done with cash in some commercial partner here in Tunis, isn't it possible to pay the IHS along with it?


I am not sure but the UK visa system is kaput. The Tunisian monetary system is also kaput. More troubles for you pal. The IHS surcharge, I believe is meant to make it harder, to deter you Tunisians and all of you lower casts from pursuing your goal in coming to the UK and then again they'll still make money for the elite.

You need to change your skin colour and nationality to an EU citizen, you'll then have it all. FREE.