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Hi smiley-jo I am sickened to the pit of my stomach to read that you endured this at the hands of a cowardly pig!! I also preach that 2 wrongs do not make a right BUT on this occasion I cannot wish enough bad to happen to him.

This is a huge step for you to come on here and I am so glad that made the decision to be so honest and brave. It's a classic controlling relationship where they chip away at you until you feel it is the norm. So glad you are getting things sorted out and making a new start for you and your son. I am sure that all the authorities have notified Uk borders etc and really hope that he gets deported because of his narcissistic behavior.

Please stay around and if you need any help with anything just give us a shout. All the best for op number 13 xx :)


All that can be said has been said. Whilst nothing can take away the pain and horror that this sick coward bestowed on you, if nothing else by courageously sharing your story with others, I just hope that early warning signs will be headed and other women will terminate relationships that are abusive in any way.

We all wish you love and strength to carry on....


I am so sorry that u had to go through that Smile jo. I wet through that ordeal My self with a man from my own Cournty. He Abused me over 4 years. It was when we drank he would fight. I beat him up my self numbers of times. I never want to that happen to me again. Thanks for sharing that storie. That came form ur heart of real courage. We are lonely warriors who been to war. ❤️I will pray for u to have a happy new beginning with life ..


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wow, i do not know you, but thank you for sharing this story <3. i must admit it brought tears to my eyes on your behalf. to have gone through all this and still standing, you r one strong survivor, all kudos to you. and insha allah u r on the way to total recovery. the best of luck with surgery and all your future


Thank u so much ❣❤️


Sorry u thought that u were talking to me ⭐️


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Hi Smiley-Jo, Finally managed to log .

Just wondering how you are doing ,as it must have been so hard for you to share your story with us. Please let us all know that you're okay X X


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@ smiley-jo,

How are you, are you coping? xxx


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How Cruel .....
I always windered how sometimes a guy can get away with hurting a woman who loves him this much.. You learned a very hard lesson least you didn't have children with him..


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Hi Smiley-Jo, How are things? Hope you are okay, please let us all know if you are okay.

Take care X


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Hi all,

Firstly, I want to say hi to those who know me. I've been a member since 2008. Nice to be back and to those who don'the know me, hi!

I am not telling my story for sympathy or to gain friends or enemies - I would like it to be just a caution to all those about to embark on a marriage and are currently guided only by their hearts.

I met my ex husband in 2008 and we were together until we finally divorced in 2014.

I can'tell go into too much detail as the legal case is still going on but I will do my best.

Suffice to say, if has been incredibly emotional and physically incredibly painful - I cannot stress that enough.

I have always championed these guys and believed that they could change. I still believe that but my one didn't.

He was always on the Internet chatting up girls from day 1. Made me feel less than a person as it was always my fault that he did it. If he was angry with me, he did it. While I was at work, he did it. When I begged him not too, he did it. Wen I was asleep beside him, he did it. On our wedding day he did it!!! I caught him out, of course, but he always had an excuse and promised not to do it again. A big fat lie.

So basically my story is one of domestic violence. He hit me from the second holiday in Tunisia. He hit me then because I saw messages on his phone from other women. I went home black and blue and told my mum I have fallen down the stairs. I can't tell you how many lies I told my mum be used if him. But I stayed with him because I loved him.

He constantly hit me - for not being happy, for wearing the wrong clothes, for my son disrespecting him, for me disrespecting him, for getting a text, for the things on facebook, for breathing in the wrong way, buying the wrong scooter ... you name it, I got hit for it. Always around the head, on in the face directly. By the way I did NONE OF THE ABOVE.

The Police have labelled him a narcissistic psychopath.

So since my first visit to the hospital when we were still together in May 2014, when I had lost the sight in my left eye, straight down the middle, the Police came and took hi away. He was in prison for 2 months.

Since then, I have undergone 12 operations as both my retinas were detached and split down the middle. A few months longer, I would have been blind forever.

As it is, I have very little sight left. I cannot work full days as my eyes get too sore and I WILL GO BLIND.

All of this because I stayed in my marriage. You see, I loved him - I still do. But he NEVER LOVED me. I was a means to an end. I gave, over the time, approx 100, 000 euros in money, car, scooter, holidays while I got nothing but beaten.

I am putting my life back together as best I can but I suffer from PTSD and am emotionally scarred for life as well as physically injuries for life.

My injuries were compared to being in a car accident at 300 miles per hour. Neither the doctors of the social workers had seen injuries like mine. I am not proud of this.

He currently walks free until the court case has been finalised. There is no guarantee that he will be punished for what he has done to me but me and my son live with the pain and results of his actions every single day.

I am in no position to offer advice but I would say to you if you are thinking of marrying one of these guys - think very hard. They have a difficult life especiall now and see you as an escape. A lot of times they do not care for you.

If you are 59 years old, question why this 20 year old is with you???? Would you EVER see a 20 year old guy in the UK?

I stress, though, that I believe they are not all bad but you must be careful.

They are so good at manipulation. I considered myself a strong person but he broke me down to nothing. I did not think I could survive but I am here - definitely not whole, but here.

Thank you for listening to me and I wish each and everyone a happy and long life xxxx
Hey Smiley Jo so sorry you been through so much. I do hope you have family and friends around you, you was always very nice to me hope you get back on your feet take care xx


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Hi Smiley Jo, How have things been with you? Please let us all know if you are okay.
Take care X X