Need Tips: Travelling toTunis


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As you are arriving late, I would strongly recommend booking a transfer from the UK rather than trying to 'negotiate' with Tunisian taxi drivers when you are tired. I've just had a look and are quoting £22.94, from the airport to your hotel as are (part of Medhotel). A2B Transfers which I've always used are quoting £16. It seems to have gone up quite a lot since I spent a weekend there for a wedding. I have heard that some people were having problems with A2B last year but I have never had a problem with them in Tunisia and have booked them again for next week
Hi All,

I'am travelling to Tunis in May for 3 days, have few questions please guide. I'am travelling for the first time to Tunis and alone.
  • i dont know french, arabic, Can we manage with people in English? like Taxi drivers, resturants etc.,
  • Hotel: Safe and good hotels to stay near to Ben Arous.
  • Places to see in 3 days

other suggestions/tips if any which would help me. Thanks in adavance
Look on Trip advisor and see what people say about each hotel before you book


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I should have said that the prices I quoted were return. :oops:


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So aslemma do you suggest


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And guys Sat, Sun, Monday any places to visit other than Carthage museum?any scenic places?


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And guys Sat, Sun, Monday any places to visit other than Carthage museum?any scenic places?
Hi Manjeethmv and welcome to the forum!
There are quite a few places in Tunis to visit but not too sure what you like but if you look on here you will find quite a few places, hope that this helps.:)

There is a theater in Tunis as well which you might like to go to, it is in Avenue Habib Bourguiba before you reach the large clock a little bit like Big Ben. There are also a few churches if you fancy that , I know that I visited the Greek Orthodox church with my family and I really liked it and never thought that I would.

There is also a football ground along that street called Club Africa, there are plenty of restaurants on the same street so you won't be without food in fact there is a kind of like McDonald somewhere around there called Baguette au Baguette which my son thinks its brilliant as everything comes in packets and boxes like we have here in the UK.
This is what Avenue Habib Bourguiba looks like so that you have an idea.


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When getting into a taxi from the airport, make sure it's a taxi and not just someone with a car trying to make money,


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i cancelled the booking at the caribbean bourj (no wifi :( )...booked
Hotel Tiba

4 Rue Ali Bach hamba, 1000 Tunis



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how to get to dougga from this place?


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I would check with the front desk at the hotel about booking some kind of transportation to Dougga. It is quite far away from Tunis, about and hour and a half drive. You could take a louage if you are is a shared type of long-distance taxi. They are pretty efficient and will get you there fast! Not for the faint at heart though, IMO. ;)

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Really Good to seem different kind of tips cause i wanna also travel next year in this country and hopefully see a lot of hot spot.


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First thing to remember is that transport is very cheap in Tunisia, particularly trains, buses and louages. Taxi prices are 'negotiable' so always agree the price first or insist they put the meter on.

If you intend to use the trains a lot, do have a look at which will point you towards the timetables as well as give you useful tips, such as purchasing a Carte Bleu, which is basically a season ticket.


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Any suggestions or advise on insurance other than Battleface. Our bank have finally stated that we are not covered having travelled a few times thinking we was !! X