One rule for Tunisian men, one Rule for British Women


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what we have to remember about tunisia and worldwide is : there is alot of fake gear and that also includes paperwork ie certificates ,licenses etc i have even heard that wedding ceremonies and register are not legit therefore the marriage not legal im not saying there is any truth in that but as we know the world is full of unscrupulous people preying on others ....hope justice is done to those concerned xx


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i would hazzard a guess, that your husband being a bit of a lying cheat..(sorry for that:eek: bit too personal i know) has probably bent many rules along the way. If i were you i would be contacting anyone with the authority to kick his sorry a**e out of the uk....and his current "wife". Surely she can't be legal either, if you did not consent to any divorce if he went behind your back how can they be married!!!!

I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction, and they both get what they deserve.:mad:

they dont need your consent to divorce you in tunisia they send you up to 3 court dates to hear from you but dont waste your money they will get their divorce anyway hes a man and hes arabic i need say no more


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It is still illegal maryj, you will have the proof that your EX knows your address as he has lived with yo for the last 10 years...


If he had a permanant visa or a british passport he can divorce you in tunisia send the papers to a false address so you cannot reply and they will grant it i know first hand as it happend to me then he can remarry who he likes as on his birth certificate it will say hes single and if he has a job here he just needs a place to live and apply for new visa for her as his wife simply some are very clever at it and u dont even see it coming if you have kids with him sounds cruel never let him have them alone even for one day as he can also apply for tunisian passports and take them bk to tunisia and u cant do anything about it a bloody sham it is ???????????hope it helps u x


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