Opening an International Business in Tunisia

Abu revert

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As I said, different industry sectors have different regulations, so I wouldn't want to mislead you. Your wife could go to the local customs office with any specific enquiries. It is one of the many frustrations about Tunisia that there is no one stop shop that can give you all the information you need, and often you get conflicting advice. I realise Canada is a long way, but I think a visit is a must before you invest substantial sums. Best of luck and keep us informed.

I was in Tunisia in the last year and plan to visit soon enough thanks again.


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API are government agencies where you can get advice on regulations, customs, tax, etc. I have used the one in Sousse and they were very useful.

Importing goods would be subject to import tax. Shipping goods is cheap if you are talking about bulk quantities.

Not sure what you mean by immigration consultant, do you mean advising Tunisians how to get abroad? Trust me they already know!
Hello :) It sure has been awhile. Yes, it means advising and helping to come to Canada. Canada has a new visa at the moment "Mobilité Francophone temporary work permit". French speaking citizens do not need an LIMA. This means faster processing, easier entrance and one can come on their own accord since Canada is looking for Francophone. I am excited about this program since it will help me too help many Tunisians who want to come to Canada make that transition easier without having to look for a spouse :)

I am going to try and answer back this thread since it has a lot of great information. Thank you too everyone who contributed. Sorry it took awhile to look at it closer


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Sounds about right.

I found the API to be very helpful and able to give detailed information, maybe a visit there yourself would help, there are very different regulations and incentives for different business sectors.

I assume you are talking about a foreign off shore company, then you must own the majority. Do you realise the tax advantages? You won't pay tax for years, again API or govt websites will give the latest information, you can import vehicles for business use tax free too among other benefits.
Check very carefully the consequences of Tunisian residency as far as tax liability and the ability to set up a foreign off shore company, you made need to retain UK residency, but then you would be liable for UK tax
That is what it is like in Canada. You can do business over-seas however your reliable to pay Canadian Tax. If not you can loose your citizenship if: 1. you gone for more than 6 months and 2. you don't do your taxes. Even if you were born here, you can still loose it. They get you either way.

My friend sells cars to people in Senigal. She imports them there. I was thinking of doing the same thing. However, it is a lot of work and one needs to be in the other Country too make sure the cars do get sold. If you can do it tax free than why not, great business idea and it is working for them