Personal Safety


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I know that in some countries it is best to arrange for a tourguide and tours long before you get there. This way you avoid having problems with those who are not honest or might mean you harm.

What are the best places to find tour guides in Tunisia?


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Their are a number of large and professional tour companies in Tunisia.

Some of the smaller ones offer great value and may be a good bet for the more adventourous however their are also some with offices in the uk like wigmore travel which offer you abta protection et al

Have a look at the Tunisian tourist board website (they make it more like our site everytime I see it :) ) for a list of officially recommended tour operators.


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That is an excellent idea, but the major companies also co-operate with most hotels where you can find contact info or even representatives for various companies and information on the various tours they offer.


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yea find well established companies. not just some random people


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check out forums like these and more importantly ask people who have already been there for advice.