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For my birthday in December hubby arranged for us to go to Dar Alouch, a beautiful none touristic part of Kelibia. But after saying that the last time we went there were lots of houses being built right on the beach. This is a prime spot to build a restauraunt or cafe. In the holiday season mostly Tunisiaians use the beach, they bring their camping things and stay over, but there did not appear to be any facilities for washing etc. We took Mil and Sil and the children and we spent the day swimming and sunning ourselves. We made a make shift tent for shade and took lots of food. We had the most fantastic time and vowed next time we would stay over.

Anyway back to my birthday. My surprise was a stay in a beautiful beach house overlooking the sea. It took us about 4 hours from Sousse, but that was only because we stopped at Hammamet and we stopped at the lagoon at Kelibia to take pics and stopped to eat. We arrived at Dar Alouch at about 3pm, the beach house was not ready until about 5 pm. The sun was shining but windy and hubby suggested we go up the mountain at Houaria until it was time. If any of you have driven up the mountain you will know it is not for the faint hearted, windy roads and steep drops to one side. We got on the top where you have the most stunning views of the med. Apparently on a clear day you can see Sicilly or so hubby says. Big wagons climb this road to collect stone, it is still quarried for the yellowy sandstone.

I got out of the car and it was very very windy, so I anchored myself to the car door to get some pics, I got some beautiful sunset pics from the top. As i was getting back in the car a gust of wind blew the car door closed and it trapped my arm, it hurt like hell and I cried, but it was worth it for the pics I took. I suppose a bruise was better then being blown over the edge and out to sea.

This is area is a must see, if not just for the stunning views. In fact I love all of Kelibia. Pics coming up next.


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Hi Gab,

that sounds like a lovely place to visit....

I look forward to seeing the pics xx


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SDC10200copy 123000.jpg


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more pics later, my daughter here with the children, it sounds like a zoo, crying and shouting, ooooooooh my head, going to work soon thank goodness:D Love them to bits really.


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Great again Gab, I too love Kalibia, it's a beautiful spot, I've been twice and both times very quiet and peaceful. I'll take the camera next time!


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Beautiful pix Gab - looking forward to the next lot.


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View attachment 3961 On our way back down the mountain.

View attachment 3960

At the bottom, Houraria to the left.

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Like the photo at the bottom...reminds me of a mother who was talking about her sons close to death experience on the radio...she had asked him when he said that he went to God and heaven how it looked and he pointed to the dark sky when the sun came thrue the cloads with a bright light and said -like that mum!:)


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An example of what I like to do with pics. The Ribat Monastir, taken from the rocky outcrop.View attachment 3946

And these nesting storks were taken somwhere on route from Zaghouan back to Sousse last year. I love how hese dishes are purposely built for them to nest. I have edited them obviously.

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This was in someones back garden, but it was walled so could onlyget the shot this way. What a sight to see each day in your garden.
Wow...everything is looking so inviting and comfortable...I love visiting this type of wife tell me about this to see and i see really good...sure will must be visited there in future...


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Wow...everything is looking so inviting and comfortable...I love visiting this type of wife tell me about this to see and i see really good...sure will must be visited there in future...
Where are you from Amari if you don't mind me asking ?