Please can someone translate this for me i have a bad feeling...thank you for translate


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1.Nn manich kharej hamdi Hani ge3id
La9sayra jeya belik bech nektib zde9i mba3ed sehil

2.Ey 3al 9lila aamel haja
Wechkasek kain tahbetlek t3ares wetrakah

1.Sahit yezzi me tmarmid

2.Taw atrja3 ghasban 3anhom
Wa9teh tfahemet m3aha

1.Janvi jeya sur nsit wa9tech 9assit


1. No, I am not leaving, I am staying. The shortie will be coming and we will be married after, it'll be easy.
2. Yes, atleast you do something. Hopefully she comes and you get married and 'be set'

1. Yes, enough with struggles.
2. You'll be back in spite of them. When did you agree on it (the marriage)?

1. She's coming in January, I forgot for when she booked the ticket.