Port El Kantaoui


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Hi just wondered if anyone knew any info about the hotels in PEK as im allocation on arrival im staying in 3 star but it could be any one of them, is PEK a big place, and are there lots of hotels, and most importantly are they all nice, hehehehe<<<so hoping we get a nice one.
many thanks


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RE: Port El Kantaoui

think the abou sofiane is 3* n v popular! my friend stayed there acouple yrs bk
and she said it was lovely not sure bout ne others but PEK is lovely so im sure
ul b happy let u know how u get on!

with the tea n coffee iv only ever stayed in the sahara beach in skanes n they dont supply kettle in ur roombut there an ill inc hotel n have a 24 hr bar
also remember 2 take a pen with u as on the plane u shud fill out a visa form try n do this on plane as it will take longer getting through passport control there end!
and wen i got 2 the hotel i had 2 fill out a form n its very rare they have enough pens 2 go round! hav a great time and let us know how u got on im soo jelouse
but cant complain been 3 time this year so done my hat trick lol



RE: Port El Kantaoui

I don't think you'll have a problem taking tea, coffee and nibbles. Not a bad idea as you're unlikely to get 24hr service in a 3* hotel. However the kettle is not a thing to be easily found in Tunisia. So I hope you're not expecting to find one in your room. If you have one take a travel kettle (european style adaptor).


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Hello Lou I know of two hotels that are 3* in Port El Kantaoui............ The Golf Residence just off the Marina and The Miramar Golf it is in the middle of the golf course very small and friendly but not too lively, I don't think you will find a bad hotel there all the standards are quite high......... Shirley.


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hi going out to port el kantaoui in 3 weeks with boyfriend and 2 kids just wondering what the local entertainment was like and activities and days out are like if any?


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by any chance did your friend say what the was to do in the area and rest going to the abou sofiane hotel in 3 weeks with boyfriend and 2 kids


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PEK is near to Sousee so you have the option of seeing both. In PEK you have the marina with the boating and water sports options and in Sousee you have the mediana and the old Ribat.

For more information there is a section on the main site about Sousse.

This area is a prime tourist destination and thus there are lots of resturants etc



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The medina in Sousse is interesting and I know a man there that gives great deals on silver... also day trips, or overnight, or just a few hours are plentiful... you could easily visit the holy city of Kairouan, famous for its' mosque and carpet-weaving... over-night trips can include trips via Matmata, with berber houses, the site where part of Star WARS was shot and on to Douz, and a camel ride into the Sahara... the next day a visit to Chott El Jerid, a great salt lake, oases and so on... could take you to Kairouan as well. Many more trips availabe, just ask your travel rep or they will help you in the hotel. Have a great time!


Acqua Palace Port El kantoui... an absolute MUST for the kids, great fun there.... I havent been to the one in Hammamet yet though which is even bigger!!!


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Was there an entertainment program for kids? What is there to do for them here?


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I had no idea that part of the movie Star Wars was shot here? That is interesting. That being said do you think that it is a good hotel beings that it is a three start hotel? I have stayed at three star ones and have actually found them more intimate and better than the five star ones at times.


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hotels in PEK

Someone mentioned the Golf Residence - avoid it at all costs. It is dirty and noisy. Mytravel moved us after one night, and gave us 100 dinars compensation. We moved to the Miramar Golf, which is much more like a Tunisian 3star - we are staying there again in January.
We can also recommend the Kanta and the Diar el Andalous (both 4star), having stayed at both in previous years.


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Hiya Guys,

Does anyone know what the Soviva resort is like? I have had a fewdrinks in there before but have never really looked around! Does anyone have any idea what it is like as i am staying there in December!

Thanks IN advance


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Hi Rachael,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'd rank the Soviva resort as one of the worst in PEK (even the locals know of its reputation). I stayed there because it was cheap....obviously for a reason. The place smells of drains and, all in all, it's dirty. The worst part is the food and I wouldn't dare eat there - we saw cockroaches in the dining area, kitchen and bar. The rooms are ok but could do with a bit of decorating. The rooms facing the main road are really noisy. It's ok as a 'base' to sleep but nothing more. It's practically empty at winter time (it's not as popular as some other hotels further down toward the marina) which means that it's poorly staffed. I gather that you know the area well so it may be, like me, that you're just needing a basic hotel and this really is a no-frills option. Houria Palace is also quite cheap and basic, but cleaner and more pleasant all round. The best I've ever stayed in is the El Mouradi Palace (a good choice if you want to eat in - but it's not cheap) and the Marhaba Palace. If you stick with the Soviva eat out at all times - Cafe Terrasse across the road does lovely coffee, cakes and snacks.

Hope that helps!
Royal Kenz

Perhaps I am bias but I rate the Royal Kenz as the best in Port el Kanoui
Good food, excellent accomadation and the staff are so helpful. When ever I go I stay there the only thing being it does not have children stopping there.

I dont know if anyone out there has stopped at this Hotel?


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Hi Rachael, Soviva has been featured on TV's Watchdog a few times for the reasons and more that Woudlg mentioned. I stayed in the Royal Kenz this year and, as josephine66 confirms, it has the name of being the best hotel in Kantaoui now. Have also stayed in Mouradi Palace and Marhaba Palace both of which were fantastic but my preference is the Marhaba Palace.


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Haven't stayed in the Royal Kenz 'cos I tend not to book packages and it's not a hotel that appears on 'accomodation only' sites (though I believe you can book directly with the hotel) - I agree from what I know of the areas that it's a very good choice too. Royal Kenz, Kanta and Marhaba Palace seem to rank highest among British Tourists. The Riu hotels seem to fare well too - though, personally I'd never choose all-inclusive in Tunisia - it's a waste of money when there are so many cheap places to eat outside of the hotel and the hotel drinks are hit-and-miss. The 'star' system for Tunisian hotels can throw most first-timers because (in my opinion) a 5/4* hotel in Tunisia is not as you would expect elsewhere and many people come back disappointed. I think this is especially the case in winter when, again, people may expect hot weather and lively hotels - and, again, may be disappointed on both counts. I don't think Tunisia is a destination for people who want hotel-based holidays - its appeal lies outside of the front gates!!

Rachael - there are recent and more positive reviews of Soviva on the tripadvisor website, and I think thay have recently undergone some renovations, so it may well have improved. I would still advise you to avoid the food though!!! I'm sure you'll have a fab time anyway.


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:confused: Oh dear!!! lol

My fiancee that lives in Tunisia said that Soviva wasnt that bad lol He also said that the Horia Palace want very nice either! I found out through a friend that works in Soviva that this Xmas/Newyear Soviva are expecting 600 people lol so we are all going to be disappointing as it want that cheap compared to others lol :p

Well i know that they have done up the disco as they are expecting so many guests also they have now made a business card for all business men who would like to use the hotel so they have to show the card before they are allowed in as i thin kcorrect me if i am wrong Tunisians cannot use the bar/facilities in this hotel!

Well thanks for the advice anyway bit late now ive booked it opps! lol But i will let you all know what it is like! I have also stayed in The Vincci hotel which is also quiet lovely but considering i went in June/July it was very very quiet! (In the evening) but staff are lovely, maybe because i know most of them he he.

Thanks :p


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Hi Rachael,

It sounds as though it may have improved then - so I'm sure you'll be fine. I did notice it had gone up in price, so would appreciate your feedback when you come back. My husband's family live nearby and we're hoping to go back in Feb/March and would rather be at that end than further down toward the marina. Locals used to always be let in to the American Bar etc. but perhaps that's changed too. The one good night we had there was when a load of Ministers and a football team came to stay - what a turnaround, the manager was greeting all the guests, the food was 100% improved and it was spotless....as soon as they left it was back to normal lol typical!!!

Hope you have a lovely time, and eat a chappatti over the road for me mmmmmmm!


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Yes i loved the Cafe Le Thellassa opposite soviva me and Anis use to alwaysgo there for ramadan great smothies as well lol They do all sorts of food now they have a kebab stand there as Anis goes there to eat before he goes home. He lives in Chott Meriem!

Iam also planning to go back in March i would like to stay in the hotel Kanta had a lot of good feedback from that hotel! So how do iget on to this trip adviser site?

Thanks all