preparing Brik


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• Brik or brik à l'oeuf (egg and a tasty filling fried in an envelope of pastry).
Brik is very easy to prepare ;
1- take an a paper of pastery , make it in the shape of envelope
2- put an egg in this pastery with some chopped cheese and Tuna
3- let it fried in oil
4- eat it :)
Umm it's very delicious ;) u see how easy it is :)
try to prepare it and tell me about your experiences :cool:


Am I the only person that has ever been to Tunisia that doesnt like brik? SORRY! :eek:


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Oh this is my favourite dish :D
but i put a little potato and harrissa and capers in mine too


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we make ours with egg, spuds and parsley with harissa too sometimes

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i love brik and i think it is the food helped me survive until i use the rest!!!!!!!!!!thanks,maybe i 'll try to make it even though i am not famous about my cooking.!!!!!!!!everyone is invited to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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No Memo

I am not keen I dont mind it when the filling is mashed potato with egg and parsley but when it is a soft yolk egg yuk!

C x


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i mix my egg with the mixture cos i do not like runny yolks


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we been makign these at home we bought some of the brik sheets from tunisia


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My favourite food! I have it everyday when am there, potatoe, tuna, herissa mixed with beaten egg....fantastic. Can't seem to find the same 'papers' here though anyone know where to get them?


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Some people use filo pastry, depends where you live kizzey, Im in north london, sooo many arabic shops can get them nearly everywhere!! Asda are good for ethnic foods.


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god i had a nightmare using filo pastry i managed to get 2 out of about 6 attempts LOL
the egg kept splurting through


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god i had a nightmare using filo pastry i managed to get 2 out of about 6 attempts LOL
the egg kept splurting through

Me too , I know all about that, I have some brik sheets from tunisia if any one wants me to send them to them


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Am i losin the plot or what! i live 5 minute walk from the muslim community...loads of shops just i always go in other direction to asda ha ha x
( and no they don't sell em )


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we brought some back to ,love it but so fatning bad bad bad like chocolate and cake


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My boyfriend makes the most gorgeous brik!!!!!! But the one we get at the hotel is awful. Oh i miss Tunisia



We bring back loads of the brik pastry when we go to Tunisia but if you cant find it then use to pastry they sell in most ethenic food shops to make spring rolls. Anyone in the Manchester area go to World Wide Foods in Rusholme for all your Arabic ingredients. It is traditional to use mashed potato mixed with egg and parsley and a whole egg in the middle seasoned with salt and pepper, you can put some harrisa in if you like. Another one is small cubed fried potato instead of the mash and for a change put tuna in it. The easiest way is to put one sheet of the pastry on a dish or rounded plate with a bit of oil on it so when you fold it you can slide it off the plate easily to transfer to the frying pan. If anyone needs any advice on Tunisian cooking just ask me - I only cook Tunisian food for my husband in a short space of time have become quite good at it.


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hi there,
i love brik as well. but dont fancy the plain "egg filled" (al'oeuf) type.
rather have it with pre-cooked potatoes mashed with chopped hard boiled eggs, tuna, parsley, harissa, cur***a, and 1-2 uncooked eggs - all the stuff mixed together.
i brought brik "paper" sheets along with me. but used "rice paper" from the asia market before as i live in a small place where there are hardly no arabic shops. over here in germany, we have quite a few turkish shops as well - and they have some similar "paper sheets", a little thicker though and i forgot their correct name...sorry

about briks and traditional food in hotels: well, normally it isnt comparable to "mommy's homemade dishes" but this time i had a positive experience: the tunisian night at el mouradi mahdia hotel was just fab, the food was the best ever in a hotel, easily to be compared to "real homemade".


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the brik that u talked about it is called " swabii iljiya" in Tunisian dialect , it is extremely delicious :) Bravo sunshinegirl ;)


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Brik stuffed with potatoes

Malsouqa ( pastry papers): 4 papers
Eggs: 1
lemon: 1
capers: 1 tablespoon

Potatoes: 250g
parsley: few leaves
pepper: according to taste
Salt: according to taste

first of all; Peel potatoes, cut it into pieces, cook them in boiling water
with some salt then crush it with a spoon .

second ; boil an egg and cut it into pieces. Remove the stalks from capers and chop them. then mince the parsley leaves .

After that, Mix all the ingredients together and season them with some
salt and pepper according to taste.

Finally; heat oil, spread sheets of malsouqua one by one in a plate. fold the edges of the sheet from the 4 sides to make the shape of a square. place in the middle of the square a spoon full of the mixed ingredients , fold the sheets in a diagonal shape and fry them in oil .:)


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u are welcome coyote :)