preparing Brik


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Coyote said:
So, assuming that you are a master of all these recipees - when are you going to invite me and cook for me?
For me too, for me too!!!!!:D:D:D:D


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party at Sana's xxxxxxxxx;)


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Just what I was thinking Truly!!


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u are all welcome :)


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Hi Sana,

Whats for breakfast ? I'm hungry !!!!


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shameless :D:D:D


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Coyote said:
awww - no private dinner?
Oooh, Coyote ... are you starting in on the "bezness" too?!!! :)



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Back to the point - this is my favourite food (as opposed to octopus! lol) and my mother in law makes lots for me lol She sends us the bric sheets in a parcel as I haven't yet found them here.


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Hi Woudlg,

Where abouts are you , the reason that i'm asking is that i always buy then from a halal butchers..............Most Algerian butchers sell them


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oooooo thanks ladies - I'll look. Though, needless to say we'll still receive food parcels from my mother in law. A helicopter comes once a month and drops it in the back garden in case my hubby starves LOL


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so if a helicopter drops them , you must end up with bubble and sqeak


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Coyote said:
Not at all - a girl as nice, educated and good looking as her would never rise any second thoughts on my end!
Such a charmer lol


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Coyote said:
Not at all - a girl as nice, educated and good looking as her would never rise any second thoughts on my end!
Coyote are u talking about me?:confused:


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Down boy! lol


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Coyote said:
awww - no private dinner?
Coyote, are you trying to strike a date with Sana?


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i used egg roll wraps in the States. i got them in the Asian stores.


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Malsouqa ( pastry papers): 4 papers
Eggs: 1
lemon: 1
capers: 1 tablespoon

Potatoes: 250g
parsley: few leaves
pepper: according to taste
Salt: according to taste

first of all; Peel potatoes, cut it into pieces, cook them in boiling water
with some salt then crush it with a spoon .

second ; boil an egg and cut it into pieces. Remove the stalks from capers and chop them. then mince the parsley leaves .

After that, Mix all the ingredients together and season them with some
salt and pepper according to taste.

Finally; heat oil, spread sheets of malsouqua one by one in a plate. fold the edges of the sheet from the 4 sides to make the shape of a square. place in the middle of the square a spoon full of the mixed ingredients , fold the sheets in a diagonal shape and fry them in oil .:)
Let's see now,,,Mezoo Style,,,,
Remove the egg,,,,replace with a bit of browned ground beef, a few chopped up shrimp,,and a dollop of harissa,do exactly as NOTED above and Brik ala Mezoo
:cool: :) :cool:


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shrimp Brik

ingredients :

4 malsouka papers
onion : 1
lemon :1
1 egg for every person
salt: according to taste
swiss cheese

how to prepare it?

1- cut and mince the onion , put the Thon in a flat and crush it with a fork .
put some olive oil in the frying pan , fry the onion until it becomes soft and transparent .

2- remove the onion from fire , put it in a bowl then add the shrimps , the lemon juice , Thon, eggs, the parsely , salt , Harissa and swiss cheese . mix them very well.

3 - make the malsouqa papers in the shape of a triangle and stuff them with the mixed ingredients then fry them over average heat . :)