Renewing Tunisian passport



My husbands spouse visa will run out June 2016 and his passport expires October 2017. How does one renew the Tunisian passport?

He can do it in Tunisia but then they keep the old passport and the old passport will have his visa stamp in it. Does anyone know of any way this can be done or the visa stamp be transferred to new passport?

I know it needs to be done in a couple years but I'm a stress head and like things organised so I'm planning in advance.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Shazia he can get this done at the Tunisian Embassy in London. He will get to keep his old passport so rather than pay to transfer it he can just travel with both passports.


Brilliant. Thank you xx


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We did it on a trip to Tunisia and they just stamp the pages of the old one (except the one with the visa) to show it's annulled and you travel with both. Passport control in uk will stamp the new passport and put a note that visa in other passport. I hate 5 year passports as his is up again in September.


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My hubby renewed his in London no problem took 3 days ..