Required Documents for Marriage


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Hello, I posted under marriage but that forum appears to be a ghost town, so thought I'd try here!

Me and my fiance have our birth certificates and non-impediment to marriage.

We require a marriage license.

Do I need a marriage license from my birth country or do we obtain this in the municipality we will marry in Tunisia?

Am I missing anything?

Thank you!


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Well I never had a license.

I had the forms and CONI from UK and the documentation in order required by the registrar in Tunisia.

When we did the marriage contract and that was that (registered contract with my embassy after)

The advice i would give is speak to the registrar who will be in charge of your contract and give them what he.she asks for.

The stress for me was that I was asked for documentation under a few weeks age so had to time getting them from UK with the service.