Revoking a Visa


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Has anyone ever had or tried to have their husband/boyfriends visa revoked?

If so what was the outcome, and what is the procedure for this.

What are the reasons for a visa to be revoked??


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Although you cannot technically revoke your husband/partners visa you can withdraw your sponsorship. In actual fact, it is a legal obligation to inform the UKBA of any change in circumstances.

If you are a British citizen or settled in the UK and your partner has permission to enter or remain in one of the above categories, you must tell us if your relationship breaks down permanently before they have been given permission to settle here.

This page explains what to do if you are a British citizen or a person settled in the United Kingdom and you end your relationship with someone who has permission to enter or remain here as your partner.

If your marriage, civil partnership or other relationship permanently breaks down while your partner still has only limited permission to enter or remain in the United Kingdom (that is, during the two-year probationary period before he/she can apply to live here permanently), you should tell the UK Border Agency by writing to:

Evidence and Enquiry Unit
Lunar House
12th Floor (Long) Corridor
40 Wellesley Road

Please quote your partner's full name (as recorded in his/her passport) and date of birth, and (if you know it) his/her entry clearance or UK Border Agency reference number.

In this situation, we may curtail (cancel) your former partner's permission to stay in the United Kingdom. However, this will not automatically happen if the basis of his/her stay has changed - for example, he/she may qualify for permission to remain on a different basis, or there may be other compassionate or relevant reasons why it would not be appropriate to curtail his/her stay.

If you write to tell us that your relationship has broken down, we will consider whether it is appropriate to curtail your former partner's permission to stay. Before taking any action, we will ask for your permission to use the information you have given us.

If we decide to curtail your former partner's permission to stay, he/she will have a right of appeal, which means that he/she could remain in the United Kingdom for some time before we can consider removing him/her.

If you think you are at risk of harm from your former partner, you should contact the police and think about applying to a court for an injunction. If you need advice about applying for an injunction, you can call the National Centre for Domestic Violence for free advice on 08709 220704 (24 hours a day).

Outcome tends to be an investigation, depending on how traceable the person is, and normal route is detention, hearing, voluntary repatriation or deportation.

Any change in the issuing conditions is a reason for a Visa to be revoked.