Settlement visa


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Well he's not talking much at the moment he has raging toothache.took him to dentist who wanted to take it out but he was worried at costing me more money so he said no,instead of phoning me.I was sitting in car with the dentist gave him codeine's which has made him ill,so will have to go back bug next April!


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Bloody hell!!!! What a week!!! Hope he's better soon xxx @scotty_bambam


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Hello, can someone just clarify something please? In January I was signed off by the doctor because I had to move house following the flood in December. The 3 weeks were fully paid, and are shown on my payslip. Can this period be used towards financial requirement? I have found a section in the guide but it confuses usual!! Anyone confirm??thanks very much xxx

Bonita 22

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I'm looking for a wee bit reassurance I supposse.
My husband and I applied for his visa last year and it was refused on the relationship part. ( call logs not dated etc ) ridiculous I know. We also made that application our selves. It took 5 weeks for the decision then.
We applied again on the 16th June, this time with legal input. Ensuring relationship part is extremely evidenced.
Now in the 7th week.
I'm a panicker, I know it can take up to 60 working days for decision.
But does anyone have examples of how long they waited. I'm so nervous
We married in 2013 it's taken so long to get it with tests etc and saving for it.

Jane BM

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Well it can take up to 3 months or so, so can't really offer any other advise other than to try to stay calm.

Don't know why you didn't take it to appeal last year if it was the relationship side that it was refused on, a lot of people who had their refusals based on the same have it overturned on appeal.

Just feel confident, as long as you've fulfilled all the criteria and provided all the evidence to support it then you'll be fine. X