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Please ensure that you use proper taxies and also that they turn on the meter. I have never had an issue in a taxi but I heard about some issues with them.

Remember also taxis become more expensive at night (a lot)

Remember taxis are cheap in Tunisia relative to the UK, if you have a incident with a taxi try and note the number and if you can report it to the police as all drivers should be licensed.

On a positive note if anyone has had a lovely taxi driver and there are lots please post his/her details under this thread.


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Taxi man.

If wanting a taxi in Port el Kantaoui I have this number of a very reliable and genuin man he is called Jamel and his number is 0021698455814 regards Shirley x.


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Are there cab companies here or do you just ring a private taxi? Are drivers safe and certified?


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Hi ya,

You can flag down taxis as there are so many but if you are ever worried you can ring the taxi company Alo Taxi in Sousse = 73230000

Yes i agree Kris always check the meter and make sure its on, but also be aware that they can adjust the meter to what they want so when you first get in the taxi it should be no more than about 350-400 millimes already set, they will try everything!! in the evening it pretty much doubles in price.

Weve met some lovely taxi drivers and often use Alo Taxi to ring and book one.

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Taxis service is usually about the same. When I was coming home from my trip to India I was in New York City. I had to catch a taxi at night with freezing cold rain. I was the only student left who had money left so I paid $20 for the fare. He wouldn't touch our suitcases at all. What a welcome home !:confused:


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Great advice, thanks for that. Its important to know where you qan get a reliable cab.

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It is good to know that the prices are pretty inexpensive (except at night). Because most people will use one when it's needed. Do they service the airports?