Terrorist Incident in Tunis Bardo


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Someone asked me the other day why do they need those British girls as they would be useless in a fight? My answer is that they may say to the girls they are going to be hero's but in reality they need them for sex. They have promised all the young boys from all over a House, a job and a wife. They have a specific marketing plans for girls with handsome boys, kittens etc etc.

Its easy for us to not understand the motivations to become a murderer because we are mostly decent people. I would also say that the majority of these young folks heading out there don't do it because they want to kill people (though many do) they do it for the very things that society is failing to provide them.

In Tunisia and the UK its not like the life the elder people had, getting a job is difficult, buying a house is pretty much impossible without rich parents....then try and get a wife in Tunisia without the first two. Financially is it not illogical to assume that some poor boys may be happier?/feel important?

Med Long term the answer is to a) To make is clear either via combat or information that IS cannot deliver what they promise. b) Give what IS promise to young people in their own countries so they have something to loose.


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Tunisia shooting: Medal for Welsh hero Mathew James
Image captionThis image of Mathew James, 30, and Saera Wilson, 26, was posted online
A holidaymaker who became a human shield during the Tunisia beach attacks has been presented with a life saving medal by St John Wales.

Mathew James, from Trehafod, Rhondda Cynon Taff, was shot three times as he protected his fiancee in the resort of Sousse in 2015.

He was given the award on Saturday.

BBC Wales broadcaster Roy Noble was made a Knight of the Order of St John at the ceremony, an honour conferred by the Queen.

Keith Dunn, chief executive of St John Wales, said: "This is an extremely rare and prestigious award and we are delighted to be able to honour Mr James's presence of mind and control under great pressure."

Mr James's partner, a St John Wales member as a child, added: "I'm so proud of Mathew and would like to thank everyone at St John Wales for recognising his bravery."

Thirty Britons, including one from Wales, were killed in the attacks at Sousse in June 2015.

Sorry I couldn't find the Sousse incident so I placed it on here instead of opening another thread.
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