These Hotels.


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Has anyone stayed in these hotels.? If yes what did u think of them?
What did you think of the animation/Staff/waitors?

Hotel Tour Khalef
Hotel Marhaba
Hotel Marhaba beach
Hotel Marhaba Club
Hotel Sahara beach.



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My EX worked at Tour Khalef when we got married :) havent stayed there since but liked it back then. I knew all the animation team then, all changed now as it was in 1996!!!!!!


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Thanks for the recommendation! I am going to the Tour Khalef for a week in June. I've been warned it's full of Russians. :(


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i stayed in the tour khalef in november + December. There are alot of russians, but theres more German. It was nice to actually hear people speaking the english language. All is good i love the hotel. but a week for me is not long enough. thats why i go for long periods of time. Hope you enjoy the tour khalef revdkathy x x


My sister stayed in Tour Khalef for 2 weeks last July/August and LOVED it. The food was excellent with lots of choice even with a picky 9yr old. All staff were friendly. She cannot wait to go again this year.

Marhaba Beach is the better of the 3 Marhaba hotels, though the others are very nice.

I'm sure you will have a lovely time, Claire xx


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I enjoyed the Tour khalef. But didnt spend much time there as i was with my bf and friends in the sister hotel
I love hotel Marhaba, but dont like the other guests though, Loads of them try and mess with relationships