Translating for others


Can current and new members please not ask me to translate personal stuff for them. It puts me in a dire situation where I have to interfere with your relationship with someone. Whether it is good or bad, translating stuff for you can affect you and other people and I do not wish to do so. None of my business.

If you are in a relationship with a Tunisian person. You need to learn their language including text messages after all they do understand yours and I believe that you should do the same regardless.

Unlike some idiots, I do not believe that I should be paid to translate and I will not want to be paid either to ruin some people's lives.

If you need translation for other normal stuff, I would be happy to help.



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I just need help with one word and what it translates into English


Thank you, if you have time to reply


it generally means alot but you need to provide whole sentence to get the context.

Twa7echtek aalekher = I missed you alot.
Feddit aalekher = I am fed up alot (I've had enough).

Hope that helps.


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It helped so much!
3aych 5ouya

I really wish there were more places in America to learn tunisian, it's a very interesting and beautiful language


Have a look at Youtube there may be Some videos about learning Tunisian. But any Arabic for a starter will be better than nothing.
Good luck