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  • Still current at:
    24 November 2015
  • Updated:
    24 November 2015

  • Latest update: Summary - there are reports of an explosion on a bus carrying security personnel on Avenue Mohammed V, central Tunis. British Nationals should avoid the area and continue to monitor this travel advice for updates

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to:

  • the Chaambi Mountain National Park area
  • the Tunisia-Algeria border crossing points at Ghardimaou, Hazoua and Sakiet Sidi Youssef
  • the militarized zone south of, but not including, the towns of El Borma and Dhehiba
  • within 5km of the Libya border area from north of Dhehiba up to but not including the Ras Ajdir border crossing
The FCO advise against all but essential travel to the rest of Tunisia.

If you choose to travel to or remain in Tunisia then you should check that your insurance policy provides adequate cover. You should be especially vigilant and follow the advice of the Tunisian security authorities.

There are no direct flights between the UK and Monastir or Enfidah airports. There are daily Tunis Air flights from Tunis Carthage airport direct to London, and indirect daily departures with European carriers. Contact your airline or travel company directly if you have an enquiry about your travel plans.

If you need consular assistance (above and beyond travel information) you should contact the British Embassy in Tunis.

There is a high threat from terrorism in Tunisia. A terrorist attack took place at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse on 26 June. Thirty eight foreign tourists were killed, including 30 British nationals. Further terrorist attacks are highly likely, including in tourist resorts, and by individuals unknown to the authorities whose actions may be inspired by terrorist groups via social media. On 17 November the Tunisian authorities announced they had foiled a major plot to attack ‘hotels and vital installations’ in Sousse. You should be especially vigilant at this time and follow the advice of the Tunisian security authorities.

Since the attack in Sousse, we have been working closely with the Tunisian authorities to investigate the attack and the wider threat from terrorist groups in Tunisia. Although we have had good co-operation from the Tunisian government, including putting in place additional security measures, the intelligence and threat picture has developed considerably, reinforcing our view that a further terrorist attack is highly likely. On balance, we do not believe the mitigation measures in place provide adequate protection for British tourists in Tunisia at the present time.

On 8 July, the Tunisian Prime Minister stated publicly that further attacks were likely. The Tunisian authorities have increased their security measures but have also acknowledged the limitations in their ability to counter the current terrorist threat. See Terrorism


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It seems as though it's two steps forward and one step back for the authorities, as recently they seemed to be doing reasonably well in rounding up the terrorists.


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I'm told there is a 9pm curfew in place!?


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Latest FCO update

Tunisia travel advice
24-11-2015 08:35 PM GMT
Latest update: Summary - there has been an explosion on a bus on Avenue Mohammed V in central Tunis. A number of security personnel have been killed. A curfew is in place from 2100-0500 in Greater Tunis and a state of emergency re-imposed for 30 days throughout the country. British Nationals should avoid the area of the incident, follow the instructions of security forces and continue to monitor this travel advice for updates


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Watched Al Jazeera last night, curfew just overnight. Such a shame this had to happen, not sure if hubby coming home today or not as military on standby