Travel insurance, extremely important


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Hi Everyone, hope that you are all well!
I think it's really important when travelling to take out travel insurance. I remember one year I didn't take out travel insurance and hoped for the best, that year I shall never forget as I was rushed to a clinic as I had an ectopic pregnancy and my tube could have erupted. That cost over 1,500 tnd and that was in 1993, God only knows how much it would cost now.
Please think wisely before going abroad without insurance, better to be safe than sorry.
I normally use the post office insurance, it's quick and easy to get a quote and as long as you write the reference number down you can purchase it at a later date.
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Is that valid for Tunisia given current FCO advice? I know companies like Battleface offer it, and Air France insurance is valid if you travel with them. Any one found any others? I agree it's risky to travel without it.


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Morning Everyone, hope that you are all well!
Sorry I forgot to write that travel insurance is important in general, no matter where you go.


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They cover any EU citizen to any destination as long as you are not travelling against French Government advice. It does not include terrorism but offers all the usual medical cover as you are more likely to be run over by a taxi than be caught up in a terror attack.

I have used them and stated I was a British Citizen and got cover. Fortunately I did not have to make a claim so I do not know how effective they are in relation to claims.