Tunis air flights in December


Hi :) I'm getting married in Tunisia (to a Tunisian) this December...i'm currently looking at flights to fly my family over, but can't seem to find any direct?! I have flown many time in December/January direct so I don't understand why I can't find flights now? have they maybe just not released the flights yet?


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Where are you looking for as a departing airport? Look on travelsupermarket.com, or tunisair for inspiration.


Any London airport is fine. I've been on Tunis air but it's not displaying any flights for December I'll look on travel supermarket

Jane BM

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Have a look on travel Republic too. Xx


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opodo seemed good to me and failing that those flight centres or services like that find them ok also.


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When I've travelled in December 2 times used tunisair.they don't release the flights that far ahead.I rang them at Heathrow and they explained this.if you give them your dates they will tell you the earliest you can book with them.good luck.