tunisia by road


Hi any one intrested travelling to tunisia by road from uk, need 5/6 people as i have the transport. we can arrange a date if enough people intrested.

any advice on taking youre own vehicle to tunisia

PM if youre intrested.


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Hi driveryte

Quite a few of our members have travelled over to Tunisia from the Uk by car.

If you use the search facility, you''ll be able to see some other apt threads.

Usually it's been members with family that have travelled together and then sailed from either Marseille, Genoa or Rome. Problem is that flights are usually a lot cheaper than the cost of driving over and difficult to find 5/6 people who can go at the same time and have the same length of time to spend in Tunisia

Where are you based in the UK?


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Sorry, we drive with our own car in march 2013, we did it two years ago also. From Brussels to Genua and then to Tunis on the boat.

Only tip I have: take something to read with you on the boat - it is boring !


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Great idea and a good way to split the cost aswell. Have you had any takers?

Jane BM

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I'd do it in a heartbeat.....anything but fly!! Unfortunately hubby doesn't feel the same, not unless he was taking his own transport and loading it up with 'much needed' items that he could flog in Tunisia.....GROAN!!!


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no taker yet. no one seem to be intrested
Hi Driveryte and welcome to the forum! I think that I may know a few that maybe interested, I will pm you .