Tunisian dinar exchange rate


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TND Currency allows you to follow in real time the exchange rates of several international currencies in Tunisian dinar published by Tunisian banks.

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Its looking quite ominous for the Dinar with the rates now around 4 dinars to the £.

the government has agreed new pay increases for the public sector which is already bloated by international standards.

Thats is the quandary so many people are employed in the public sector, the country needs to cut the public sector......but nobody can win an election without the public sector.

The wife keeps banging on about buying a house or flat but to be honest they are still overpriced and with the falling dinar it cuts both ways unless you think this is the bottom for the dinar and it will go up.

Some outlets are reporting 4.3x for the end of the year....thats no good for people already suffering from the effects of inflation.

Its a spiral and it looks like the government of Tunisia are still not tough or forced to the take the hard decisions.