Tunisian military service ~ important that you read this!!


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The military


my friends boyfriend has just got taken in off the street to go into the military police for 6 weeks.karen is really worried and is hoping she can pay him out of there and i was pretty sure this was possible so i am just inquiring! from what ive learnt with kaled you can pretty much bribe this police with money

can anyone let me know? cheers x x x


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Guarded Questions

May I ask members to excercise caution in Forums, there have been a number of enquiries relating to legality and by passing regulations in certain matters, ie overstaying visas and in this case bribery of officialdom. In a culture of Big Brother now becoming prevelant in the UK, we can not be sure what agencies from Diplomatic sources in UK are monitoring sites such as this. I do not wish to
instill a reluctance to engage in these forum , just be advised, that discretion is to be encouraged. I have some experience in this matter.


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Hi Nikki,

As fas as i was aware if he pays the money to get out of the military then he can leave but it really depends if they had him on the list to pick up. I hope your friend gets it all sorted :)



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I dont want to sound toooooooo negative but my friend got a message from her BF friend saying the same thing and it was just another money spinning idea they had come up with! check properly before you part with any dinars!!!!


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The Military

It is a perfectly legal procedure in Tunisia to pay if you do not wish to go to the army, and this procedure is called "taynet fardiya." The money will go straight to the treasury and it is quite legal. You apply for the paperwork and they will quote you how much to pay to drop out. This is nothing to do with corruption!


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Police, authorities etc are corrupt worldwide not just Tunisia its just that they are more blatant about it there, here it is covered up!!!!


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hi everyone, some help needed. My friends bf has just gone into the army for his national service, but i'm a bit confused as he is still texting her once every morning and once every night, how is this so if they are not allowed there mobiles??
I want some clarification about mobiles phones in the army as i don't want to see her "taken for a ride". Also if they pay 1200 dinars to get out of the army do they serve any time at all or just do a month as this is what she has been told by her bf. thank you everyone in anticipation. xx


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Hi Vicki,
when they pay to leave the army it seems to vary in the lengh of time they serve, some leave immediately and others stay a few weeks.

As for the mobile, my nephew had his with him whilst he was serving but it seemed to be only on sundays that we could contact him on it and it was always on a sunday that we received sms from him.


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the strange this is my husband paid to get out of army and he never had to to any time there but from experience my brother in law was in army and mobile phones were not allowed i dont know if this law has changed now, and he did mention he was only allowed to contact family once per week.


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although i have seen the paper work to say he paid out because when in sousse he had it with him at all times as they keep stopping him but now he has consular card here in Uk when we go he just shows them that and they say nothing :)


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As far as I have heard mobile phones are not allowed. A friend whose bf just got out of the army a few days ago managed to contact his father when allowed to do so and have him drive to the camp with a mobile on day when he had time off, so he could call my friend. As for serving one month and paying off the rest that is possible.


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Thank you all for your answers, unfortunately it does not put my mind at rest. I realise the time he is serving ( 1 month) is probably correct and as he has paid to come out he will be out at the end of march. It's the mobile phone thing that is making me smell a rat!!!
Nicola, in answer to your question yes my friend has given him some money to help pay his way out of the army she is concerned that he was lying and is using the money for other things including texting her.
She has not long come back from seeing him and on the day after she arrived he was served his papers for the army, as she put it "very convienient". I'm still not sure what to think and niether is she.


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Vickit, I'd bet on him being a conman to be honest - it doesn't add up. Can your friend 'test' him in any way e.g. by calling from another phone, or getting a friend to call/text etc. If both of you have these doubts then she's better off out of it. Please discourage her from sending any more money - they queue up outside Western Union offices to pick up their 'pay', it's very common unfortunately.


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Hi, Those studying at police college are not allowed mobile phones for the time they are there. All outside communication is cut off apart from their day off.


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Thanks guys, i will talk to my friend and will let you know what happens.!!!!


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It is sad when you hook a rat but maybe you are lucky enough you have caught him out already. I was going back and forth for 2 years every 3months sometimes more often my now EX was working at Hotel Tour Khalef in Sousse in the dreaded, most charming, animation team! Every time I went his friends also in animation would have different girlfriends from all over the place. When I visit now I see these young girls falling for their wonderful charm over and over again. If you're lucky you may find a genuine one. My EX did not have to do the army as his Father had passed away he was the eldest son. Thats what I was told anyway maybe he had savings from all the other money I had sent him!!!!!?????
military yes you can

Hi Nikki, yes you can but they pritty much name their price depending on who is on duty at the time.

my friends boyfriend has just got taken in off the street to go into the military police for 6 weeks.karen is really worried and is hoping she can pay him out of there and i was pretty sure this was possible so i am just inquiring! from what ive learnt with kaled you can pretty much bribe this police with money

can anyone let me know? cheers x x x


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Hi All

Sounds abit dodgy to me the last time i heard of someone sending money to buy himself out she found out it was untrue and he had bought himself a motorbike.

regards sb123


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Hi everyone,
I just want to share with all of you an experience I had this Christmas when my bf was taken in for military.

It was Saturday evening and we were on our way back from Tunis were we had visited his familiy. My bf lives in Hammamet and at that time I also rented an appartment there. In the car back it was me, my bf, one of his friends and my bf's aunt. Before we were going to my appartment we stopped by his friends house because he wanted to change shirt. My bf and he went inside but since it just was a short stop they kept the car engine running and the car wasn't parked very well. While they are inside a pick up is driving towards us and making signals with the lights. My guess is that they think they will have problems passing our car, but they pass with no problems. But then the pick up is turning and coming back and 2 men are jumping out of the pick up. By that time has my bf and his friend returned to the car. These 2 strange men starts talking to my bf and his friend. I can hear Sweden being mentioned so I understand that they are explaining that I'm from Sweden, otherwise I don't understand anything. My bf's aunt goes out of the car to join the group, but I'm asked to stay in the car. To me it sounds like they are having some kind of argument, but ofcourse I often think the arabic language sounds like that. Suddenly the strange men grabs my bf's arm and take him to the pick up and drive away. This was with no doubt the most scariest experience I ever had: it's dark outside, I'm in a foreign country, I don't understand the language, my bf is taken away by some strange men and I don't know what is happening. But the other ones tells me not to worry and explains that the strange men was police men in civil clothes and that my bf hadn't brought his ID card with him. And unfortunatly he had only mentioned 3 of his names and not all 4 so when the police had called to make a check in the computor system they didn't find a match. So they had to take him to the police station otherwise would the policemen risk being accused taking a bribe.

So we are also going to the police station to pick him up. When we have waited outside the police station for more than one hour his aunt and friend goes inside to see why it take so long time. I'm once again asked to stay in the car. After a while they return and the look very serious when they inform me that the police found out that my bf hadn't made his military service so they will keep him in custody until Monday when he will have to go to the military base in El Kef (close to the Algerian border) and sign some papers. Now I starts crying because I think everything is awful and I wish that I had stayed in Sweden and had a normal Christmas with my familiy instead of being in a country were I don't understand how things are working. My bf's friend are calming me and says that he will be at my service the all time. My bf's aunt will also stay with me in my appartment instead of going back to Tunis and the day after is also his mother coming from Tunis to stay with me. So I'm very well taken care of.

The next day, Sunday, we are going to the police station with food for him for every meal. They do serve food but it's of very poor qlty. When we see him it's like in a movie, he is behind bars and we are at the other side. He is allowed to use his mobile phone while in custoday.

On Monday morning we are going to the police station for after that going to El Kef. Since my bf is the only one that is taken to El Kef at this point it's ok that we go in our car but together with a policeman (the policeman as is going with us is very nice person). Even though the purpose of the trip isn't nice it's fun seeing some more of the country. When we are stopping in a small village to eat some, I have never ever felt so white before. People are really, really staring at me.

In El Kef at the military base we drop of my bf and meanwhile he signs some papers the rest of us is going for coffée. It just take a few hours and then we can return home. The papers he signed said that he after 2 weeks from that date will have to start his military service for 1 year or start with the monthly payment if he only wants to do the basic training of 21 days (don't need to say what he choosed)

I have seen that there has been some questions about how much they have to pay for only doing the basic training. If I have understood it correctly it's as below
It's monthly payments for 11 month. The payment is based at the salary
Less than 2 times the min. salary (I think the min. salary is around 200 dinars/month), it's 30% of the salary
2-4 times the min. salary, it's 40% of the salary
more than 4 times the min. salary, it's 50% of the salary

If you want to know more the ministry of national defense have a website www.defense.tn where you can read all about it. But right now it's only in french and arabic. At that website it also says that there are some cases you don't have to do the military service (my bf had never heard about it before so I don't know if it's just in theory)

It's not just being a student of having childrens as makes it possible to not having to do the military service. Below are some other cases

The father is over 65 years old
He has been married for more than 2 years

Below are some reasons to postpone the military service for 1 year, they are renewable
At least one unmerried sister
A brother that is younger than 20 years and a student
The father is sick

I hope this information can help someone, even though I hope that none of you ever will be in the same situation as I was that night when my bf was taken in. I don't want to think about how it would have been if I never met his family before. Even though I'm an experienced traveller, in my work I often goes to countries like Bangladesh, Jordan, Israel, China and it's not always things runs smoothly. But I still think that that night was very scary.

B rgds


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Hi Jenny
I can just imagine how frightened you must have been. You were lucky to have his family with you. I hope things are ok now.