Tunisian Mum wanting to visit us in UK


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Sallam all.
My mother in law would like to come and visit my wife , the kids and myself and stay with us for a month.

A few questions - what type of visa should she come on- some say family some say visitor - she came once a before about 8 years ago on a family visa..

Also once she has the visa can she fly on charter flights from tunisia to uk return eg. thomas cook, thomson, monarch , jet2.com etc or can she only fly on TunisAir - last time she came on TunisAir

Thanks all.


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Think it would be a visitor visa and probably Tunis Air or British Airways.


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Hi Everyone hope that you are all well! British airways no longer fly to Tunisia and haven't been for a while now.


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wow never knew that...so maybe TunisAir then Waqer


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Or easy jet

Jane BM

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Aslemma Waqar, did your mother in law get the visa?

Hi all, my partner and I applied for his parents to visit us back in May 2015 and unfortunately it was rejected.

We were all really upset because we were very thorough and I felt the instructions could have been a lot clearer because the reasons for rejection were due to things I hadn't even realised were necessary. Things along the lines of - although your sponsor states he will cover all costs for of the trip and has provided bank statements, there is no independent evidence to suggest that these funds are held for you. - Who would provide such independent evidence? A solicitor? Still, it is not evidence it is a statement.

Other reasons given seemed personal opinion e.g. I do not believe you are a genuine visitor. This came as a surprise since a Visitors visa application was submitted together with supporting information. Some things are just not possible to prove since they are plans for the future!

We are now considering re-applying, but very worried that it will be rejected again.

I am very disappointed in our government for making such a difficult process. It seems they are purposely making it hard work. It is over £300 to apply for 2 visas when you add on the mandatory processing fee at the application centre. The government also passed the law meaning you cannot appeal, apparently saving millions. I am surprised it actually costing the government to process visas because with the application fees it seems more a way of making money, considering the cost to apply and the amount of time a Decision Maker spends looking at the form and replying they must be on an amazing wage!!


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Hello, has anyone had a recent success applying for a visitor visa for family? My MIL wants to visit so we are just preparing documents to support her visit ready to apply next month. My Husband is a British citizen now and has lived in the UK for 9 years. We have enough funds to support her whole visit as she is unemployed. We have provided translation documents of birth certificates as she has dependants under the age of 18 to return home to as evidence of her leaving at the end of her visit. can anyone give me any tips or advice?