Tunisian Salaries


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No idea on the football profession anyone??????


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Secretary- Office Assitant could get more than a policeman :eek:
especially if she is sexy as you see many 'eye candy' secretaries and receptionists in Tunis paid 800+ who are absolutely rubbish...but go with the massive empty office with facebook on the pc screen, ipone, and the nice BMW that daddy bought.

not everyone is like that but do see it lol the number of times i see Tunisian managers skiving away when i walk in it unreal.


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Kris already answered you minutes ago:D
Ooooops, my apologies. I was reading through and skipped it when the champagne and choccies were mentioned ;)

Wow nice earnings then for a good player.....:)


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yes but very few of those and your job is one bad tackle away from being over.


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True...and after watching the Africa Cup, the mind boggles on how these players are coached!!!! Or is it just that they are sooooo hot blooded :)


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Oh another kettle of fish, animators salary.....the skys the limit :D :D


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with lot's of perks and benefits


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Mobile phones and laptops additional perks!


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don't forget the designer clothes.....and the list goes on!!!!


Payroll question, do tunisians pay income tax and national insurance contributions on all earnings? If so does anybody know what percentage is deducted?




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kam i asked my other half and he said its about 25 percent, but those that earn more pay more, those that earn less pay less. bit like here...


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New economic measures to benefit businesses
The state pays 50% of the employer's contribution to the compulsory social security
  • Various possibilities to declare the tax due in respect of 2010
  • Businesses who suffered losses: Supported by the state by 2 percentage points the rate of bank credit and MMR under installment loans and gains on investments for the repair of damage
  • Extension, to December 31, 2011, time for deduction of profits and income earned under the Investment Incentives Code

The interim government has announced a series of economic measures focused essentially on the businesses that suffered damage or loss during the last period, says the Agency for Promotion Foreign Investment (FIPA).

The first measure concerns the management by the state, 50% of employers' contributions to compulsory social security.
It applies to employees affected by the reduction of work hours over 8 hours per week, following the reduction of the activity of their firms, and legal contributions to compulsory social security for wages paid to employees laid off.
These same companies will be able to declare the tax payable in respect of 2010 (without the actual payment of the tax) until September 25, 2011 (without payment of liquidated damages) or to 25 March 2012 for companies in total cessation of activity.
The companies suffered losses, shall, in addition, an assumption by the State by two points in the rate of bank credit and market rate (money market rate) in installments as credits and gains on investments intended to repair the damage.
Another measure taken in favor of these companies, for the extension, to December 31, 2011, time for deduction of profits and income earned through the investment incentives code.


This is very interesting Roulla - the state makes somethink like socialistic care of companies. It is good for temporar status as well as good base for developing corruption. If someone can more elaborate, because my undertanding might be not correct as I know only fragments of news, thanks posting of you Roualla. I believe Tunisians are smart enough to watch what is going on. So far there I dont see any improved base for free market, which can be good at this time, but later can lead to painfull economic measurments.


Janan, the free market place may be helped by the assistance of government easing the contributary burden of the last few months. This will allow if the business is still up and running for investment in stock, staff and renovation of property. For larger manufacturing companies it will still allow for things to get back on track.
Any help in any form for employers or employees at present has to be a positive thing.
Some businesses that were closed down may just feel able to take a chance and reopen.