UK Maternity Pay in Tunisia?


I was wondering if anyone knows if you can still receive UK Maternity Pay (either statutory or from the company I work for) if you are staying in Tunisia?
I'm not pregnant yet but I was hoping that if it happens soon iA, it might be possible to work up to the start of maternity leave and then go stay in Tunisia with my husband for the duration of my paid leave until I have to go back to work. I'd hope that by this time we would have his visa sorted so we would both come back to the UK.
Neither of us are keen on the idea of being apart during pregnancy, so it's either wait until he is settled here, or work around it.
I just can't find much information about it online so I was hoping someone on here might have been through the experience?
Thanks in advance.


Staff member
If you have not permanently moved to Tunisia i do not see the issue.

I assume you will keep your address in the Uk and have the money paid into a UK bank account.

Just be careful with your travel insurance etc as trips over a certain length will invalidate it in some cases ie 6 weeks +

It would be in effect a long holiday but make sure you have someone to open your letters just in case you get any health visitor notices etc etc