Wedding planning.


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Hey dears,

I'm in need of some help, me and my Tunisia fiance are planning a wedding for next year. He keeps telling me that I can have whatever I want, he wants me to be happy, but hes not been to many weddings. I dont want to upset anyone by going against anything. I just dont know where to start or what paper work I need. Do you have a cake, food, music, drinks I'm a little in over my head haha. Any help would be brilliant please

Thank you in advance


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"but hes not been to many weddings"

I am not Tunisian but I have been to dozens of Tunisian weddings. When i lived there at least 5 a year.

Does his live on a mountain?

Loads to organise tbh and a bit unfair for you to do it all also as usually the man does it (well the paying at least).

Start with the venue as they often have packages and the work from there. You may even find it easier to have a wedding planner rather than bring all the different components together at the same time.

I am in awe of how people marry someone from another country and then their other half leaves them to do everything.


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Thank you for your comments. I shall take these in.

Full stories make a difference to opinions

Thank you take care


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Lol it's really very simple even a 12 year old can organize a Tunisian marriage, i don't have the English vocabulary to explain it with detail but **** it lol imma give it a go ,
So basically you get this guy called aadoul (عدول) to write the marriage testimony you both sign as well as 2 more witnesses and you're man and wife, you may go on about your life as man and wife at this point, but most people will have a marriage party first night dj you serve juice and cakes of your choice in next day cassic band with drums and "zokra" (hehehe never gets old) you serve launch of your choice can even be pizza you're free to choose food, in the night you get a modern band and serve dinner of your choice , at 10 pm or so the bride and man does a photoshoot then they go to the bedroom to complete the marriage and everyone go home . This is the most simple basic explanation i can produce but i hope it gives u an idea