Who are some of the best writers?/


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I love reading a lot, but are there any famous writers or authors that anyone would suggest but I even want the books in English. Anyone would suggest any names?


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well i read "the importance of being earnest" by OSCAR WILD" and the "death of salesman" by ARTHUR MULLER" two drama that i loved much in which too much reflection to our life: principles,values,familly and life problems
nice tunisian writers

-mahmoud el messadi ( hadatha abou hoorayra kala : an existentional novel)
-mohammed laaroussi el metwee ( halima : a novel that speaks about the militency of a woman called halima during the french occupation to tunisia)
-Ali douaaji ( tahta al sour : novel)


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i read "Ms dalloway" by Virginia woolf , " othello" by shakespeare ,they are extremely wonderful books