Working in Tunisia


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Hello everybody! =)

My name is Maria. I'm 23 years old. Russian.
Is it possible to find a nice job in Tunisia (especially in Hammamet)?
I speak fluent English and a bit French, have a university degree.

Points of interest: teaching English/organizing special events (event-management)/working with tourists

Could you help or advise me on finding a job in this lovely region? =)

Thanks in advance,



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Teaching Russian may seem a good idea ...

What's your degree ?

Hammamet is fabulous !


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I know that Hammamet is fabulous!
I was there last year and fell in love with this region! :)))

I've got a Specialist's degree in linguistics and intercultural communication.

Now I'm working as an event manager.


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Guys! I'm dying to work in Hammamet!

Is it so difficult to find a job in Tunisia for a nice, smart, talented girl (e.g. me)? :)

Please, help!


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It is very difficult 4 us 2 find work in Tunisia as they reckon if a job needs doing it shud b filled by a Tunisian...


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Which is fair enough when the largest issue facing Tunisia is unemployment.

If the job can be done by a Tunisian then no dice, if not or creating jobs welcome in as it should be.

If your married to a Tunisian or you have a skill that is in demand you can find a way round this.

I would speak to your Tunisian embassy in Russia to find out what options there are.


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maria, alot of the larger hotel chains employ a Russian in the animation team due to the large number of Russians that visit Tunisia. Might be worth looking at these directly but as the others have said it can be difficultenough for Tunisians finding jobs, never mind people coming into the country to work.


Do tunisian's pay income tax on earnings?


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Thanks to everybody for replies! :)

To Feefad: Working in the tourist area (helping tourists) is interesting and useful, I guess, but animation doesn't seem attractive...Maybe, I'm wrong...

To Selz: Have you already tried working in Tunisia?

To Kris: I'm looking forward to receiving information from you!
Maybe, there will be some options suitable for me... It would be so wonderful! :)

Anyway, I'm gonna come to Hammamet in the beginning of October and I can try to find something right there if I don't find something in advance.

I'll be really grateful for any help and advice!


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hey Maria, yeah I know exactly what you mean about the animation thing, it wouldnt be for me either. I have also noticed a number of Russians working in reception at the larger hotels so again might be worth a try? Not sure what sort of opportunities would be around off peak tho when the hotels are traditionally quieter.


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#11 i havent hone but im intrested in doing it, am goin there in jan for 3months 2 c how i get on with living there so im deffo intrested in finding out more.


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To Selz: Do u wanna try to get on with living there as a new experience? new challenge? :)


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Well both really ive loved the country since i 1st visited 7years ago..!!
I love everything about the place, people, food, culture, way of life.
Now my fella is there aswell all the more reason 2go there now.

This country is goin more & more 2 the dogs everyday...cost of livin, inflation everywhere, no homes for 1st time buyers, justice system is pants, nhs isnt much better, crime everywhere now.....god i cud go on.


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This country is goin more & more 2 the dogs everyday...cost of livin, inflation everywhere, no homes for 1st time buyers, justice system is pants, nhs isnt much better, crime everywhere now.....god i cud go on.
Then why do u wanna live there??? :)


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What??? I said England (This country) is goin 2 the dogs thats y i dont wana live here.
Dont thinnk u read the reply properly hone. :)


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Oh! :)

I thought, "this country" is about Tunisia. I'm so excited about future trip to my lovely Tunisia that I don't do anything properly now. :)

Do u have any ideas about places to work there?


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Lol no thats ok if u re-read it u will c im moanin about England....
No im goin 2 look in2 it when i go out in Nov so will go frm there.
How about u hone?


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Know what you mean, especially about the weather, got up this morning - pitch black & peeing down, how depressing:(


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To Selz: I'm planning to come to Tunisia in the beginning of October to have fun, to meet friends and to look what kind of job I can have there.

To Kymbers: The same stuff here in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), I'm tired of this permanent grey sky and 5-days-in-a-year sun...:(


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Hi Maria
the best thing u will do is to come to tunisia it is extremely beautiful, the weather is wonderful im sure u will spend a good time here.