Wow younger tunisan man fooled me


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I met younger Tunis man . we became a pair....... He was able to get 900 plus money's from me . I found out he had many woman and fiance. What a pig . I want my money back someone help me how Can I grtbmy money's back from him . I am American he is tunisan I am 48 he is 28


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you shouldn't give a lot of your money to someone you just met, even if he says he loves you
My advice is go to the police, if they did nothing then that's probably the end, meaning that you can't get your money back but maybe talk to his family, maybe they can do something
I hope you will get them back, i know your feeling and this happens to locals too, it's a problem that should have been fixed long ago


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900 thousand dollars.... get a lawyer

900 dollars expensive education and forget getting it back.

If you gave it to him without a contract he will just say it was a gift....which you then changed your mind on.


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Sadly there is no way you can get em back ,
dont you know that law does not protect the ignorant? its why you who sent him the money , you have to take the responasbility


Legally speaking, the money you've handed to the person was not agreed for a favour in return. Unfortunately, there isn't a way you can have him prosecuted under no grounds of apparent fraud or extortion.
You can always ask for him or his family to push him towards giving you your money back, that works at times.


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There is no way to get the money back