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Relocation Assistance in Tunisia

Via our trusted partner expat solutions, we are able to offer professional relocation and expat support services based in Berges Du Lac Tunis in close proximity to embassies and Tunis airport. Customers are provided with a support advisor who will work with yourself or your employees to ensure that their relocation to Tunisia is both efficient and enjoyable.

Example Services

  • Preparation of your documents
  • Liaison with the necessary paperwork and forms to the relavent administrations /authorities in Tunisia.
  • Management of applications
  • Residence permits and visas for Tunisia
  • Work licenses, certificates of employment etc
  • Registration for social security
  • Change of driving license
  • Car registration procedures
  • Opening and closing of bank accounts and facilities
  • Assistance with domestic and commercial utilities (water, gas, telephone etc)
  • Property search and support

Importation of Good and Equipment

  • Liaison with Tunisian customs
  • Importation of personal effects
  • Importation of cars
  • Importation of commercial equipment for foreign investors

This is only a short list of what we can do for our clients in Tunisia. If you would like Some further information please fill in the enquiry form on the right of this page.

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