Fishing Tour – Snorkelling Kerkennah

Two people work with fishing nets on a dock next to a boat in bright sunlight, as if preparing for an upcoming snorkelling adventure amid the serene waters of Kerkennah.

Our recent fishing trip with Snorkelling Kerkennah was an unforgettable experience that beautifully blended adventure, culture, and culinary delight. Set against the tranquil backdrop of the Kerkennah Islands in Tunisia, this excursion provided us with a unique opportunity to delve into the traditional fishing practices of the region and witness the UNESCO-recognised technique of charfiya.

From the moment we set off, the knowledgeable and friendly guides at Snorkelling Kerkennah made us feel at home. They shared intriguing insights about the history and significance of fishing in the local community. Fishing here isn’t just a means of livelihood; it is a way of life passed down through generations, steeped in tradition and respect for the sea.

One of the highlights of the trip was learning about and observing the charfiya technique. This ancient method, recognised by UNESCO for its cultural importance, involves using fixed fish traps made of palm fronds. The traps are placed in shallow waters, taking advantage of the natural tides and currents to guide fish into them. It was fascinating to see this sustainable fishing practice in action, a stark contrast to modern industrial methods, emphasising harmony with nature and conservation of marine life.

As we watched local fishermen deftly handle their boats and gear, we gained a deep appreciation for their skills and dedication. Their intimate knowledge of the sea and its rhythms, honed over years of experience, was truly impressive.

After a a few hours exploration and learning, we were treated to a sumptuous grilled fish lunch prepared by our hosts. The freshly caught fish, seasoned with local herbs and spices, was grilled to perfection and served with a variety of traditional accompaniments. The meal was not just delicious but also a reflection of the rich culinary heritage of the Kerkennah Islands.

This fishing trip with Snorkelling Kerkennah was more than just an adventure; it was a cultural immersion that offered a rare glimpse into the lives of local fishermen. The combination of traditional practices, breathtaking scenery, and mouthwatering food made it an experience we will cherish forever. If you ever find yourself in Tunisia, this is an excursion you shouldn’t miss.

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