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Tunisia, with its striking landscapes and rich history, has long been a favoured destination for filmmakers seeking dramatic backdrops and authentic settings. This North African country gained particular fame as a filming location for the 1979 British comedy Life of Brian, directed by Terry Jones. The film, which follows the misadventures of a young man named Brian who is mistaken for the Messiah, was largely shot in Tunisia, standing in for ancient Judea. This blog explores the iconic filming locations across Tunisia that brought the movie to life, revealing how these places have maintained their allure over the decades.


One of the principal locations for Life of Brian was the ancient city of Monastir, located on the central coast of Tunisia. The Ribat of Monastir, an Islamic fortress dating back to the 8th century, was transformed into various settings for the film, including the scene of the Sermon on the Mount and the stoning. Today, this fortress is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a glimpse into Tunisia’s Islamic heritage while also resonating with the echoes of Monty Python’s unique humour.


Another significant location used in the film is Matmata, a small Berber-speaking town in southern Tunisia. Famous for its traditional troglodyte dwellings, which are cave-like structures dug into the ground, Matmata provided an otherworldly landscape for Life of Brian. These underground settings contributed to the film’s historical atmosphere and have since attracted numerous visitors, both fans of the movie and those fascinated by the unique architecture and the way of life it represents.


The oasis city of Tozeur served as another backdrop for the film, featuring its dense palm groves and distinctive brickwork. Tozeur is well-known for its stunning natural scenery and its proximity to the Sahara Desert, making it an ideal location for depicting ancient desert scenes. Since the filming of Life of Brian, Tozeur has developed its tourist infrastructure, yet it retains a sense of timelessness that continues to draw those seeking both natural beauty and historical depth.

Visiting these locations today, one can appreciate not only the timeless beauty and historical significance of the sites but also the whimsical layer of history added by their association with Life of Brian. The film’s legacy lives on in these settings, where ancient stones and desert vistas remind visitors of the laughter and satire that once animated these landscapes.

For those planning to follow in the footsteps of the Monty Python crew, each of these locations offers not just a piece of cinematic history but also a profound connection to Tunisia’s cultural and natural wonders.

Key Information:

Ribat of Monastir

• Location: Monastir, Central Coast of Tunisia

• Ideal for exploring Islamic architecture and historical film locations.


• Location: Southern Tunisia

• Known for: Traditional troglodyte dwellings.


• Location: Western Tunisia

• Features: Natural oasis and traditional brickwork architecture.

Exploring these iconic sites provides a unique way to experience Tunisia—through the lens of one of the most beloved films in British comedy, set against the backdrop of Tunisia’s stunning natural and architectural beauty.

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