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Unfortunately when you do business, invest or even just live in a country chances are at some stage you will require some form of legal advice.

Tunisia has a well developed legal system but to outsiders it can seem stressful and confusing.  Even something you can technically do yourself can be a patience testing case of back and forth not to mention the infamous “come back tomorrow”.

Myself and my team working from my office in Bizerte are able to offer a cost effective way of helping those litigating or being litigated against.

  • Help you find a lawyer who can help you with your case.
  • Ensure that you legal fees are the best available and you are not overcharged.
  • Act as a liaison for legal and non legal documentation so you are not paying a lawyer to undertake simple tasks.
  • Being your point of contact so you can chase for updates vie email, phone and instant messaging.  You can even post your documents to my office and we will do the rest.

I am a court certified translator so in effect when I translate a document for you my stamp means it can be used by your lawyer in court and embassies.

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