Marriage and Divorce in Tunisia

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Marriage Documentation

Each year, hundreds of EU citizens marry Tunisian nationals, necessitating extensive and often costly administrative tasks. The process of getting your papers ready for the local embassy and registry office can be stressful.

Having a local translator like myself can simplify the process. You can send your documents for translation from your home country via registered post to my office in Bizerte. I will liaise with your registry office to ensure that you have the correct documentation at the right time.

I can also translate marriage documents, clarify marital status, and verify birth dates/names before you sign the marriage contract. It’s crucial to remember that a marriage contract is a legally binding document. We strongly advise having a certified translator and a lawyer review the contract before signing it. If needed, I can arrange a lawyer for an additional fee.

After your marriage, I can translate your documents if you decide to move to Tunisia. I can also arrange for consultants to assist with permits, work documentation, and the importation of your personal effects. If your intention is to return to your home country, I am on the translation lists of many embassies and can translate your paperwork to their requirements.

Divorce and Children

Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce, which can be even more stressful with an international aspect. If the Tunisian partner returns to live in Tunisia, it may be more cost effective to divorce here. We can work with your legal representative to ensure that your divorce documentation is translated and processed correctly, whether the divorce occurs outside Tunisia or within.

Sadly, some Tunisian spouses may divorce their partners in Tunisia without their knowledge, and in some cases, have remarried without informing their first spouse. If your spouse has left you for a period of time or you have suspicions I am able to visit the Tunisian registry office for you.

Child custody during and after divorce can be a particularly stressful issue. Tunisia has a developed legal system, so do not assume you have no rights as a husband or wife.

We maintain communication via post, email, and instant messaging, reducing the stress of such situations and clarifying marital status from the Tunisian registry office.

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