Mediterranean Gate Tunis

This project is paused indefinately and maybe even cancelled.

It would have been hard to miss the news that has been circulating over the last year or so. The news that [URL=’’]Tunis[/URL] is about to force itself onto the world scene with a number of Mega projects. By far the largest of these is the Mediterranean Gate Development which is an exciting development of vast scale, importance and inspiration.

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1) Gate Precinct

Opera house, cafes marina and entertainment centre adding offices and residences. Also there are plans for an internet city/ned media hub to the south of this section.

2) Golf Community

World class golf facility with homes and course all minutes from the city centre and airport, and complimenting the firsts stage of the development.

3) Palm Strip Beach

I have been told this will be a favourite for buyers as it is beach front in the city centre with low rise deluxe housing and being central in the development.

4) Downtown

Docklands eat your heart out why be based in the cold when you can relocate your Blue chip company to the state of the art office buildings located here. This at a stroke makes [URL=’’]Tunis[/URL] a truly international business centre with the facilities and legislation to be truly competitive.

5) Canal District

This is a canal based community which is aimed at the mid market though excellently positioned for the commute into the downtown area (walk). To the north of this area you have the entertainment district and also the stadiums and areas for sports and concerts.

At the moment there is little information about the pricing of Mediterranean Gate etc but this is due in June and naturally will add this information as and when we get it. Construction is ongoing starting and logically is going to be completed in sections (starting with Gate Precinct) and one assumes the more demand the faster the progress will be. You can see that a lot of thought has gone into the plan and it starts with facilities that are in strong demand in [URL=’’]Tunis[/URL] and is not just aiming to be really expensive it aims to be a sustainable economic community with schools,hospitals and entertainment.

Bring it on!

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